Middle School Social Studies Teacher Job Description

Being a teacher seems easy. But actually, a teacher should be energetic, patient, being able to deliver the material to the student, being able to make a plan for lesson and other things. However, a lot of people want to be a teacher. Do you also want to be a teacher? If so, what teacher do you want to be? You can be any teacher that you want as long as it is relevant with your education background.

When you apply a job, not only for teacher, you need to know the exact responsibilities of that job. If you want to be a Middle School Social Studies Teacher, then you have to know what you have to do when you are accepted as the teacher. In addition, by knowing the job description of a job, you will be able to describe easily your strong skills and experience by relate it with the job description.

So, in the list below, we provide you some job descriptions of a Middle School Social Studies Teacher.

  • Teaching a curriculum provided by the school;
  • Writing and grading tests and essays;
  • Assigning and grading homework;
  • Engaging your class with lectures, relevant activities and demonstrations and classroom discussions.
  • Creating an effective learning environment
  • Using data to improve the learning and instruction process.
  • Being able to speak and write in clear and concise manner.

In the middle school, a social studies teacher usually will teach students from sixth to eighth grades. They are trained to understand the psychological, social and intellectual development of children ages 11 to 13.

The teacher of social studies will help young people understand geography, history and human society especially how people interact, resolve conflicts and govern themselves. Teaching social studies gives you an opportunity to influence how children see themselves and behave toward one another. Social studies courses draw from a wide spectrum of disciplines such as archeology, anthropology, geography, economics, law, history, political science, philosophy, religion, psychology and sociology. The teacher of social studies is able to expect to work school days including mornings and afternoons five days a week, nine to 10 months of the year. You also will teach more than one class of students each day. Between classes and after school, you may have to prepare grade homework, lessons, test and attend meetings.

If you want to be a good social studies, then you need to have the following characteristics: a lover reading, analytical and curious, interested in understanding larger systems and patterns,

sociable and easy to talk to, comfortable with complex subject matter, patient and resourceful, organized and careful about time management, good at motivating and inspiring students, service oriented, devoted to learning, able to express ideas precisely in writing, qualified with an advanced degree in an education-related field, and highly knowledgeable about social sciences. If you really want to be a social studies teacher at any level, it is better for you to consider pursuing a master’s degree.

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