Military Resume Template

Transferring from the military duty to citizen service can be a big deal to do. Nonetheless, it is not that hard and the job seeker is very possible to make it as long as the resume writing provide clear details about skill, experience and aims that fit to the desired job.

ALERT: Don’t use WRONG format of resume unless you want to END to your job search and the only thing you can do is only dreaming of it.

From these following resumes, which one will be chosen for the most noticeable resume?

A. Resume with Chronological format

B. Resume with Functional format

C. Resume with Active format

ADVICE: don’t do common mistake done by almost all job seekers that choose wrong resume format.

Below is a resume sample of military-based to civilian job applicant that provide several guidance that can be learned before writing your own resume. Make sure to match the skill you have to the hiring manager’s requirements. Convince that you are the best candidates to fill the position. The closer skill you have to what is looked for by the employer; the more possible chance of get hired.

C. Benson
Clark Drive 742
Pleasantville, California 999xx
Home: (33x) 333-33xx
Cell: (33x) 123-xxxx


Trained and experienced police officer transferring from Corps of Army Military Police of US to citizen law administration. Willing to apply for position in police department of city or county with six years of experienced and achievements during in corps. nowadays, completing a degree to B.A in University of Any City majoring in Criminal Justice.


Army Military Police Corps of United States from 2003 to 2013

  • Inclusively trained in field
  • Safety vigilance duty
  • Expert of details of security
  • Comprehensive and service of public activities
  • Weapons and safety conduct
  • Investigations of criminal
  • Planned emergency responses
  • Took part in stealth inspection and red code operation in arresting, prosecuting and imprisoning the fugitive on base.


Army of United States in 2003


Award of Master Marksman in small firearms and assault guns awarded in 2001

Medal of Good Conduct awarded in 2002

Resume is one of main factors for the applicant to be noticed by the employers. Well written and formatted resume in the application tend to be more noticeable and will help making bigger chance for you to be considered and being called for interview.

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