Model Sample Resume

For some people, modelling is such a dream career. All they want is just getting this job and work in modelling industry. The most of them will do anything to make it true, but getting a chance is not enough. Taking this chance is much more important. Begin it from writing the right resume. Maybe it looks simple, but about 95% of job seekers make a big mistake by using the wrong resume style. They take a resume template and use it just like that. So, you can imagine it. While the other job seekers make this mistake, you can use it to get the better chance.

The key of writing resume is about how to sell your skills. Tell everything about what you can do on modeling. Your experience, your education and your achievements, all of them must be delivered to the hiring managers. But there is one more thing to note. Make sure to make it short. Below, there is a guideline to write a model resume.

Betty Jones
781 Willow Street
Peachtree, GA 999
Home: (323) 323-3213
Cell: (323) 321-5431

Professional Summary

This is the place to write your experience. If you ever work on the same industry or the same career, write it here as well. Write about how long you work in modelling industry and your role in the previous job. Make it short and to the point. More than it, make it valuable for the company.

Career Experience and Accomplishments

If you ever have the same job, write it in the detail description. Write down about what you always do on the previous job and write it point per point. It will help the hiring manager to get the message much faster. If you wonder about the format, below is the example.

Previous company name (2008-2012)

  • Write the achievements here
  • Write you always do here

Education and Development

In here, you have to write the previous education complete with the address and the year here. Just make it short and clear enough. Below is the writing format.

Modeling school name, city name, region (2010)


One thing that makes you different with the other applicants is award. Hiring manager will give more attention to your achievements. It makes you more valuable than the others too. If the awards were given by the reputable organization, it will be better. You can see how to write it below.

Modeling school name: Model of the Year (2009)

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