Mortgage Banker Resume Sample

Do you have a wish to help people get their first homes or fund potentially great business ideas? If so, it means that you will need a credible Mortgage Banker resume that will be able to make financial institutions feel confident that you are able to present their lending packages effectively to customers.

This is one of the quickest growing professions as more individuals and businesses are taking advantage of competitive interest rates to be able to capitalize their homes and enterprises with loans. However, mortgage and bank brokerages do not want to hire just anybody. They want someone who is able to sell lending packages and also perform risk analysis to protect the interests of the lender. If you are trying to apply as a a mortgage banker now, then you need to know how to make a good resume.

A cover letter consist of Heading, Job Objective, Highlight of Qualifications, Professional Experience and also Education. In the Heading part, you are able to type your name, address and also contact person including phone number and also email address. Then, in the Job Objective part, you have to tell your aim for example, “Looking for the position of Mortgage Banker where I am able to apply my education and knowledge to help the firm grow.” In this part, you can also explain your professional summary such as “Mortgage Banker who specialize in all products and services of finance which are related to mortgages.” Next, in the section of Highlight of Qualifications, you need to tell your strong abilities which are able to support you to be able to be a good mortgage banker. For example as listed below.

  • Having wide knowledge of VA, FHA, FNMA and FHLMC guidelines.
  • Having wide knowledge of all governmental guidelines for mortgage process.
  • Having exceptional experience in providing optimal customer services for mortgage lending and sales.
  • Ability to promote mortgage loan origination.
  • Ability to operate Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel and Outlook.

Then, in the Professional Experience, you are able to mention the work experience that you have. You need to mention the name of company, your position and also time period of working in the past company. Here is an example.

Mortgage Banker

Paramount Equity Mortgage, Akron, OH

May 2005 – July 2010

  • Managed all customer applications and also did activities of registration follow up.
  • Provided information to all prospective and existing customers for the programs of WFHM.
  • Monitored the process of loan and analyzed progression of mortgage loans.
  • Collected all support documents which are required from clients as per bank regulations.

After explaining your experience, now in the last part, you have to mention your education. You have to include the degree that you got, the name of university and also the time period of study.

Those are the things that you have to include on your resume of mortgage banker. Make sure that you include skills and experience that are suitable with a job of mortgage banker so that you have a bigger chance to get a call from the recruiters to do interview.

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