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logo-mr.-subMr. Sub is one of the leading fast food restaurants in Canada. This restaurant has about 317 sandwich shops in Canada. More than it, it stills growing. To achieve success continuously, Mr. Sub has to hire the quality employees regularly. Entry level jobs and advanced positions are available across Canada. For people who interested with fast food industry, it can be a good chance. They can also find more information or just filling out the online application form to start the hiring process.

Jobs and Salary Information

Crew member. They are the most common crew in Mr. Sub. This is an entry level job that suit for anyone. The main task of this position is to ensure the customer satisfaction by preparing the food well. Crew members also responsible on explaining menu items and ringing up the order. Beside it, they also responsible to keep the shop clean. As a crew member, you can earn the minimum wage up to $11.00 per hour.

Management. In the most case, managers at Mr. Sub experienced promotion from the other positions on the Mr. Sub such as crew member. Managers responsible to delegate work, set schedule and train the new workers. They also responsible in driving sales as well as motivating the crews. The salary of a manager is so depending on the experience. But the range is between $35,000 and $45,000 per year.

Working Benefits

Medical job benefits is available for the eligible workers. There also future planning and wealth management through flexible saving account and retirement plans. But to qualify the certain benefits, employees must work full time and work well. Basic work benefits are also available at Mr. Sub. Those benefits are including training opportunities and paid vacation. For student workers, there also scholarship programs.

More Information

Mr. Sub sandwich has the various taste of food every day. It operates in the community. Mr. Sub is also pretty competitive with its scholarship, charities and school programs its area. Approximately, Mr. Sub restaurants established at 330 Canadian locations.

This restaurant has the various menus as well. To ensure the food quality, they use the fresh meat and vegetables only. Customers can also customize their order. They can customize the bread with the harvest meat, traditional white, mozzarella cheddar, multigrain and Mediterranean Greek.

Mr. Sub Menu

At least, there are 2 dozen of unique sandwich creation here. The popular ones are including grilled chicken, Italian salami, Montreal style corned beef, meatball, smoked turkey breast and the other assorted cold cuts. There also the alternative menus such as soups, salads, Panini subs and wraps.

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