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logo-new-york-friesPeople who look for fast food industry employment have to look at this. New York Fries, the Canadian division. This fast food chain is looking for motivated and dedicated job seekers. Part time and full time jobs, entry level and professional career in management are available as well. But to get hired, the applicants must be able to work in the fast paced job settings and give the excellent customer service. The additional requirements are culinary experience and be able to use computerized POS systems.

The Available Jobs and Salary Information

Cashier. This is an entry level job title that is working directly with the public as well as operating the POS systems. Typically, they responsible to greet the guests, prepare the food and drink and ring up the purchases. Cleaning the work stations and handling money are the other responsibilities of cashier. To get this job, the candidates must have friendly, warm and personable personalities. As a cashier, you have to work 15 up to 30 hours per week and will earn at the minimum wage up to $12.00 per hour.

Frontliner. Frontliner primarily involved in food preparation. Additionally, they also need to clean the work station as well as restocking food trays. They work with ovens, fryers and the other potentially hazardous equipment. For this, they have to be careful. Frontliner can work as part time or full time. And as a frontliner, you can earn the minimum wage up to $13.00 per hour depending on the experience.

Management. Managers have supervisory and administrative responsibilities. This is including hires and trains the new workers, creates schedules, ensure customer satisfaction and supervises entry level employees. Managers will be able to make $20,000 per year. And for assistant managers and restaurant managers, they can earn $30,000 up to $45,000 per year.

Working Benefits

New York Fries offers extensive training programs and continued education programs. Employees can enjoy the competitive wages and flexible schedules as well. There also job benefits for the eligible employees. Some of them are financial planning assistance, insurance coverage and retirement plans. There also paid time off and healthcare coverage. Interestingly, employees can get meal discounts as well. By joining New York Fries, you can get the meaningful employment opportunities for sure.

New York Fries Menu

New York Fries menus consist of French fries with the various toppings. Customers can choose beef, pork, poutine, veggie, chicken and the traditional ones. It also has hot dogs. Commonly, New York Fries operate inside the malls.

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