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Department store industry grows larger time by time. This is the reason why they always open an opportunity for new jobseekers. Of course, it becomes your great opportunity and you have to use this chance right away. For those who are interested on working in department store industry, you can just follow North West Company Application. It doesn’t matter what is your background, as long as you meet their qualification and requirement, you are welcome to apply and get the job.

You have a chance to work in several positions. For example, you can apply a cashier position, store associate team, and managerial team. The salary offered to you is also various and it depends on the type of the position and your minimum wage. In this case, you can just earn around $10.00 up to $12.00 per hour. You can get higher salary if you get one of managerial positions. Specifically, you can earn at least $30.000 or $45.000 per year. People want to work at North West Company is not only about the salary but also about the additional benefits. In fact, as a worker you will get training program to improve your skill, bonus, profit sharing, and healthcare coverage. The way to apply to this department store is also easy to do. You can directly visit the link prepared here and then complete the online form. If you meet their qualification, you have to follow several tests. Then, you can start your career at North West Company by serving for more than 500 residents across Canada.

The main product you have to share to the customers is food products. Just learn everything about the product knowledge so you can transfer the information to the customers well. Don’t lose your opportunity to join with up to 44.000 workers. Until now, North West Company has 200 retails throughout Canada. This calculation is going larger and larger so you still have big opportunity to join their jobseeker program. If you really want to find a job whether part time or full time jobs especially in department industry, you can take this opportunity as one of your reference. What you need to know that North West Company has enough experience in department industry and considered as a strong retail. This is because they started their business since 1779 and grow larger until now. Just start to complete the online application form right and wait for good news from the company.

Minimum age to work at The North West Company: 16

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