Nursing Cover Letter Sample

If you want to apply for a job, you might need to create cover letter for the position that you want. Cover letter is a formal letter that shows your interest to the job that is offered. Cover letter is also used to show your skill set and your qualification in order to get the job. Since it‘s a formal letter, you need to use formal language on your cover letter. Make sure that the letter is written in simple form but could send your message effectively. With good cover letter, your chance to get the job that you want might increase.

One of the jobs that you could apply these days is jobs in healthcare field. Nursing is one of the most popular tasks in healthcare field. If you want to apply for nurse position in health clinic or hospital, you need to know how to write a proper cover letter for this position. You could find some examples of cover letter for nursing easily on the internet these days. You could use these examples to create your own cover letter. Remember to write about your experience in nursing field on your cover letter. Your experience on this field will determine whether you will get the job or not.

To get a better view about nursing cover letter, you could see the example below.

Jeff Gerard
2244 Hector Road
Banks Village, UT 44444
Home: (555) 111-4444
Cell: (333) 222-5555

September 4, 2014

Mrs. Samantha Orton
Head Nurse
Banks Hospital
333 Fur Bird Way
Banks Village, UT 44444
Dear Mrs. Orton:

I was excited with the position of nursing in Banks Hospital which is published in local paper. I get my R.N. sixteen years ago and I have been working in nursing field ever since.

I’ve recently stay at Banks Village and I want to continue my career in nursing field here. I specialize in pediatrics, but I have wide range of experience in nursing field which you could find the details about it on my attached resume.

I hope we can set up an interview so that I can find out the specific qualifies that you’re looking for in the nurses as your staff. i would also like the chance to share some of my experience in this field with you as well.

Please give me a call on my cell phone to schedule the meeting.

I really appreciate your time to read my letter and my attached resume. I also appreciate your consideration about my qualifications for nursing position that you’ve listed.

I look forward to meet you soon.



Jeff Gerard

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