Nursing Resume Template

Look for a nursing job can be a little difficult. Having knowledge and the good skill are not enough. In fact, there is no one can see your skill for sure. You have to tell it on the beginning. Tell everything about your professional portfolio and tell what you can do. But of course, it will be useless without the good nursing resume. One thing for sure, about 95% nursing job seekers make a mistake in the very beginning. They take the wrong resume style and fail for this. You can think about it. If you make the right nursing resume style, course it will improve the chance. At least, your success rate will boost up to 95%.

Take a look to these resume styles, chronological resume, functional resume and active resume. All of them have been used by many nursing job seekers. But of course, there is only one style that really work. Picking the right style will allow you to get hired faster.

Nursing resume must be specifically made. If you are a pediatric nurse and want to respond an ad on this specialty, make sure to know the responsibilities of this position. Make the list of this and the successes that you have made before. Of course, it must be related to pediatric. By doing it well, you already improving your value and make you more valuable than the others. As a guideline, take a look to this.

At first, write the company name, the address and the contact person. You have to write it completely to show your concern. Your detail oriented will show how careful you are. This is good for this position. Next, try to make it like this.

Professional Summary

Well trained as pediatric nurse with 5 years of experience on pediatric field and 3 years as the head nurse. Currently, interested in the pediatric head nurse position in the hospital.

Career Experience

Write the name of the hospital, for example Harbor Hospital (2004-2012)

  • Diagnostic tests
  • Ordered blood draws, x-rays and the other tests
  • Consulted with parent of the children, specifically on the pediatric ward, and many more

Education and Development

In here, write the education and the development programs that you ever take. For example, City Height Nursing School, USA (2004).


Tell about your achievements here. If you ever got Health Care Award, make sure to write it here. Your achievements will be appreciated and helps you to get the better chance.

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