Objectives of Health Work Interview

Objectives of Health Tests

Health tests or medical check-up test, still a method is used by several companies to determine whom the candidates that meet the expectations and requirements. Sometimes medical tests became an impediment and worries for prospective employees, especially for those who have felt not run a healthy life. Healthy habits are necessary for people who want to pass the medical tests. Nonetheless, excellent body health is not something to obtain instantaneously. You may be able to prepare themselves for a month before medical tests take place. Nevertheless, the way it is not going to provide maximum results, however, because a healthy lifestyle will be reflected in our bodies.

What is the purpose of health tests within the chain of work interviews? A doctor is usually done a health check as requested by the company. Tests carried out to prospective employees include a physical examination, laboratory, radiology and other special examinations such as audiometric or spirometry. Medical results obtained through a series of medical tests are confidential, and the clinic or hospital (provider) only provides the test results to the company. Medical results given by a physician is a clinical diagnosis, suggestions, impressions and conclusions whether or not the employee is fit for work. Several conclusions will release by the doctor right after the test done, including fit on the job, temporarily unfit, fit with the restriction, and unfit. The provider may not provide a conclusion on whether a prospective employee is acceptable to work or not because the right to do so is in the hand of the company.

Fit on the job means that the candidate can do the job well without any significant health problems. Temporary unfit means that candidates will be able to work after he got treatment. Fit with restriction means that candidates can work, but his work is limited. Specific unfit for occupation means that the prospective employee is not fit to perform a particular job. Unfit for the job means that prospective employees are not healthy to work.

What kind of health tests a job applicant could deal with? Here are some of those:

  • Tension.
  • Urine test.
  • Blood tests.
  • Rontgen. This test may be scary for smokers (active and passive no exception). However, do not worry because the company did not look at whether you are a smoker or not.
  • Audiometry tests or hearing tests.
  • Physical tests.
  • Eye test visual acuity, or far vision test. This test intended to measure the ability of our eyes to see objects in the distance.
  • Color blindness test and near vision. This test usually uses a special coloring book, where there are hidden numbers in each particular image.

In order to be accurate, applicants should prepare themselves before performing medical tests. Because of a variety of types of examination, the preparation would be different. Given the cost of the examination is not cheap and the procedure is not necessarily pleasing, such preparation becomes a very important thing to do. If the result is false or inaccurate, then applicants should repeat the test.

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