Office Administration Clerk Cover Letter Sample

Quick Advice

  • Exciting phrase is great point to start. Make sure to write starting word that can hook the manager since the first line.
  • Reading the posted job thoroughly careful to be able to know what to build on the demand of the employer.
  • List down some of pertinent experience
  • Imply some knowledge about the company. Present your interest in the job by implying that you have done some observation on the firm.
  • Error free and systematic is important aspects to consider in the letter. Provide closest or trusted people to proofread your resume.
  • Provide active closing implies call for deed

Administration Clerk needs abilities that combine administrative and clerical matters. Although the position is exciting, bear in mind that in the cover letter must also implies those abilities.The position is an exciting one and requires a blend of clerical and administrative abilities. Your final draft of cover letter must be a reflection of the same. Check for a sample for an office administration clerk cover letter sample as below.

R. Jake

Olympic Square 609 | Seattle, Washington 780xx | (00x) 333-22xx |

February 20, 2015

Mr. Z. Phillip
HR Manager
Yankee Ent.
734 Church Avn
Seattle, Washington 780xx

Dear Mr. Phillip:

  • Are you looking for an individual that is dynamic and energetic to handle clerical duties every day?
  • Could you deal with know-how administration and management of office in compliance with strength of clerical?
  • Are you seeking an experience clerk that can also handle about office management and deal with administration as well not to mention well organized working manner track record?

If yes, let me assure you to seek no further. Through over five years of job experience in capacities of clerical support, I made progress in remarkable data entry skills, records and correspondence handling management, familiar in cataloging system both for digital and manual file as well have ability in client database management. I surely believe that my image is exactly what this company is looked for.

I am very interested in the possibility of joining the company and cooperate with other staffs also would be glad to meet with you in regard of discussing the opportunity deeper. I shall be in connection in the coming time to excite about the prospect of joining your team and would love to meet with you in order to discuss the opportunity in detail. I shall be in contact in the coming week to solicit the date and time of interview.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


R. Jake

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