Office Assistant Resume Template

Office assistant is a profession with administrative, assistance and writing skill. Assistants provide the various services to the executive or office manager. This is why solid office assistant resume is necessary to apply this job. With the right style, it improves the chance to go to the job interview.

The different resume style may lead to the different goal. But with the wrong style, there is no chance to get the expected job. There are about 95% of the job seekers use the wrong style. This is the large number of course. But try to imagine it. If you pick the right resume style, you will reverse the situation and get 95% success rate.

In writing a resume, just focus on your skills and assets. Your ability to solve problems, organize files, respond in positive way and communicate effectively must be presented on your resume. Make sure to match the requirements of the hiring manager with your skills. If your resume looks closer with the job description, you will also get the better chance to be called for an interview. And finally, being offered to the position. You can see the simple resume style below.

Sarah Book
432 Lawrence Avenue
Busyville, CA 876568
Home: (321) 432-1232
Cell: (321) 543-1234

Professional Summary

In here, write the summary of your professional path. If you ever be office assistant before, write it here complete with the company name, the address and the term you work in those companies. Tell about your skills here and ensure the hiring manager to call you to the interview.

Career Experience and Accomplishments

If you ever worked on the related position, write it here. Write it in detail and use bullets to make it easier to understand. The period on this position must be written here as well. You also need to write about what you usually do in the previous profession. But make sure to focus on the related accomplishments. Write it as short as it can be.

Education and Development

In here, you have to write your previous education. If you ever got any development programs, write it as well. It will show how competent you are.


This section is focusing on your achievements such as awards on the previous profession. If the awards were given by the big organization, it will be better. Hiring manager will consider it for sure. It also improves your competence, especially when it compares with the other applicants. In the other words, the chance to get the job will be better too.

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