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logo-old-navyThe world of clothing has shown a recognizable brand named Old Navy, which is also known for a clothing brand that sells inexpensive product. Old navy has a nice reputation, thanks for its capability in selling inexpensive clothing product. It was firstly founded in 1994 in San Francisco. At that time, California was chosen as the main headquarter for the brand. The brand itself is owned and managed by Gap Inc. and the facts showed that the corporate made the first Old Navy store as company’s warehouse. However, things have changed and we now see Old Navy as a reputable brand. It now stands alone as a very good choice for those who are looking for affordable clothing items. However, mind that even though their products are cheap, this does not mean they compromise with the quality. Actually, Old Navy products are high in terms of quality, fashionable and chic as well. Those who are interested in Old Navy should realize that the company also puts their concern in helping the environment. Old Navy uses energy-efficient, an important feature within their production line. Now, how the information about the company might help you build the career at Old Navy? We are quite sure that the information will be useful when the interview takes place.

So, if you want to establish a career at Old Navy, you should learn about the history of the company. Now you may be wondering about the positions which are available at Old Navy. Based on the information spread throughout the internet world, there are a few categories available for you, including:

• Store level, Customer Experience Associate
This first category relates to the entry-level positions, at which workers are in charge of several assignments like assisting customers and cash registers. However, workers might be asked to clean the workplace and deal with other duties. Minimum wage applies.

• Brand Logistics Experts
This category of work comes with the basic duties, related to stock clerks. Basically, the workers are responsible for the stock, and they need to make sure that all products are well-stocked. Minimum wage applies.

• Brand Visual Merchandise Expert
This position is available for those who have good eyes for style and fashion. Basically, the workers have duties to make sure that the store signage and displays are appealing for costumers. Minimum wage applies.

• Store Manager
This position relates to the managerial level, at which there are several positions available, including Head Store Manager, Assistant Store Manager, Lead Cashier, Lead Stock, and Shift Supervisor. The duty of the managers is to make sure that the store operations run properly, so that customers are treated nicely. Maximum wage applies.

If you are interested in establishing a career at Old Navy, you may consider available positions carefully. Generally, entry level positions outside managerial level became the most desirable positions. Procedures of recruitment will be done both online and offline way. Job application form can be found by online, although applicants might visit the company’s stores if they want to apply fast. If you already come to the company’s store and there wasn’t job application available, then you have to visit their website, complete the form, and then submit it.

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Print Out Old Navy Job Application Form in PDF

Print Out Old Navy Job Application Form in PDF


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