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logo-olive-gardenOlive Garden is a restaurant in the concept of casual dining in the United States. It was first opened to the public in 1982. Since the opening, this restaurant has also spread to several locations in the world. Olive Garden is one of the most popular restaurants because it not only provides healthy food but also serves delicious food. The service given to the customers is also top-notch. This restaurant is really able to give what the customers expected. That’s why Olive Garden ha its loyal clientele because of the high levels of service given. Due to the excellent service for the customer, Olive Garden also has some criteria for everyone who wants to join as the worker here. There are only the talented and motivated individuals who can join to the team in this restaurant. If you are interested to join, you should show that you belong to the interested applicants then you can continue to apply the job application to Olive Garden.

Olive Garden Online Job Application

You can get the Olive Garden application online form via Olive Garden’s websites. It is available there and it can be accessed by everyone. Those who are interested to join can see several job openings available in Olive Garden. There are many roles offered on the career portal on http://www.olivegarden.com/Careers/. The applicant can choose the type of jobs to apply. Before the applicants submit an application form, they must sign up for a job application account. If the application is successful, Olive Garden can contact the applicants directly. The resumes are also needed to submit together with the job application. It is important to give a professional-looking resume in a well-crafted one to increase the chances of being called for interview. If you are interested to apply for more than one position, ensure that you don’t submit the same resume for every job application.

Salary Information

There are several job titles offered by Olive Garden with their specified requirements and salary. Part-time vacancies and full-time job opportunity are available. Being host or hostesses need to show a positive first impression of this restaurant. They must be able also to guide the guests to their tables. If you are interested to join in these positions, you can earn $8 to $ 10 an hour. Another position is to be a server who needs to provide fast and effective service. The servers are responsible to take orders, deliver food, fill drink, and ensure that the customers are satisfied with the service. They can earn $3 an hour and also unrestricted amount of tips. If you want to be a cook, you are responsible to grill, broil, fry, and cook the orders in a correct manner and visual appealing. A cook also needs to deal with the time in processing the food.A cook can earn $12 an hour. The next job is to be a service manager who is responsible to hire associates, give them training, motivate the members of team, give evaluation for the levels and standard of service, and make plan to improve the restaurant. This position can earn $120,000 a year.

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Olive Garden Application Online & Print Out

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