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logo-orange-juliusThe popularity of Orange Julius is growing continuously. For the expansion to the new market, they need the new and motivated workers. This is why the chain conduct hiring opportunities frequently. Individuals who look for the promising career in the fast food industry, Orange Julius can give it to them. But of course, they have to apply the opportunity today.

Job Opportunities and Salary Information

Team Member. Team members serve the customers and create drinks. Their responsibilities are including taking orders, answering questions and handling cash. Capability to mix the drink carefully is necessary. But for the beginning, the new workers will be trained for this. Team members also responsible in maintaining the cleanliness and organizing the work environment. As a team member, you will be able to make the minimum wage up to $12.00 per hour depending on the experience.

Cashier. Cashiers work exclusively with POS systems. Their responsibilities are including taking customer orders, handling cash, relaying orders and processing card payments as well as issuing receipts. Strong communication skills and ability to work as a team player are the main requirement. Typically, cashier start the earning at the minimum wage.

Management. Motivated professionals are welcoming to take the managerial roles. The typical managerial positions are including assistant managers and managers. They responsible to coach associates, resolve customer issues and perform store opening and closing. Experience in leading a team is the main requirement. With these duties, managerial positions can earn a lot of money. For assistant managers itself, they can earn $25,000 up to $35,000 per year. And for the average managers, they can earn $35,000 up to $45,000 per year.

Working Benefits

Actually, Orange Julius operates as a subsidiary of Dairy Queen. For this, Orange Julius’s employees can get the same work benefits such as Dairy Queen Employees. Retirement plans, employee referral rewards, annual bonuses and performance incentive are available for eligible workers. All workers can also get discount from Orange Julius and Dairy Queen. Career advancement opportunities and paid training are waiting for the prospective employees.

Orange Julius employees may get health benefits packages as well. This is including dental, medical and vision coverage. There also employee assistance programs and flexible spending accounts. For the qualified fast food workers, they can enjoy holiday pay and paid vacation.

Orange Julius Menu

Orange Julius menu includes premium and original fruit smoothies. To give the quality drinks, Orange Julius uses the fresh fruits, nonfat dairy ice, natural sweeteners and the secret powder. With low calorie, this drink is good for everyone.

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