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logo-palais-royalInitially holding an indie retail business spread over southern area of U.S. currently the business expands the wings to Texas and Louisiana. PR is underneath the company patron of Stage Store, Inc that sells clothing in the segment of business.

Employed at PR

Minimum employed age:  18 years old

Business Hours: Mon-Wed: 10a-8p; Thurs-Sat: 10a-9p; on Sun: 11a-6p

Applicable Candidacy: representative agent, manager, assistant, specialist, planner, coordinator, officer, auditor, analyst

Career Opening

Casual positions demands minimum hiring age candidates to staff as cash attendant, merchandise stokers and associate. Start as part time workers with working hours about 20 to 30 a week. Interpersonal skill, communication and customer service skill in high level are valuable. Willingness to learn and pay interest to fashion trends are preferable candidates.

Applicant with history of working in retail industry may prefer managerial position. Career minded professional with excellent leadership and management skills are welcomed to apply the position.

Occupations and Pay Scale Info

Sales assistant perform casual duties and take for various roles by employing suggestive selling skill and customer service besides communication ability. Hourly pay start at minimum rate increase to $8,00.

Administrant falls into supervisor, associate manager and general manager. Basically, the managerial positions will be responsible for overall store operation. Supervisor earn hourly pay about $9,00, associate manager receive yearly pay around $40,000 and general manager can make $50,000 upwards to $70,000.

Benefits Packages at PR

PR provides comprehensive benefit packages for their employees such as comparable pay base, paid workshop, and schedule preference. Eligible staffs deserve for wellness coverage in healthcare and medical besides retirement plan, merchandise rebates, paid time off and vacation. Promotion for career development is also possible.

Application Matters

Applicants must apply online by accessing the job portal from company homepage and fill out all required field with accurate and real information. Initiative to follow up the application can lead to on the spot interview when done in person meeting.  Follow up to show enthusiast must be done in proper manner without pushing the hiring personnel that make annoyance feeling. Business-casual attire will be good as dress option when walking for interview or in person follow up meeting.

Further Information about PR

PR together with other retail chains under the umbrella or Stage Store, Inc conducts annual donation and charity program using price-off coupon up to 30%. The money will hand over for more than 700 social organizations. In 203, $800,000 was earned throughout the country.

Printable Application: No. Visit official site.

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