Part Time Jobs Near Me No Experience

If you are still a students of a college or university and now you really need money, you are able to try to work. Do not think of full time job because you are still a student. You are able to try to look for a part time job so that you are still able to go to the university.

Where do you live now? You are able to find the job near you so that it will be not far away from your home and also from the university where you study.

You may be confused about the type of part time jobs that you are able to apply. Here, we have a list of part time jobs that you can use as an inspiration.

  • After School Teacher/ Tutor

If you like teaching, you are able to try to apply as a tutor. You are able to work at a non-profit after school program, sign up for one of the new gig economy tutoring sites such as Maestro, TakeLessons, Chegg Tutors and Skillshare or you are able to apply as tutor for a family near campus. The work hours are usually flexible and the pay is also high.

  • Host or Server at a Restaurant

If you want to earn fast cash and gain valuable experience in the food industry, this job is suitable for you. By working as a server or host at a restaurant, you will be on your feet for most of the shift. Nevertheless, you will get the extra income from tips and it will be great benefit to your bank account.

  • Barista

College students usually can apply for this job. But, the most of these jobs usually require barista experience. If you want to work as a barista, you have to be ready for some very early or late shifts because a lot of cafes cater to student’s study hours. If the cafe is around campus, you will get benefit to met a lot of students while also getting to know some of the locals.

  • Social Media Manager

If you like using social media, it is better for you use it for making money. You can put this skill to run a social media accounts for a local business or startup.

  • Graphic Designer

Nowadays, a lot of young people have an excellent design sense and know how to use some program such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator because they learn it from internet. If you have this kind of skill, you are able to get a part time job as a freelance designer, create content for local business or discover an internship at a local marketing agency.

  • Artisan

You have a special talent or craft but you just keep it secret. It is better for you to share your talent and make money from it. You can make money off your handmade goods on websites such as Amazon’s Handmade and Etsy. You are also able to sell your artisan foods and crafts at local boutiques, holiday markets or even in your college dorm.

If you have special talents as mentioned above, you are able to make use of it to make money. If you think that you have not found your talent yet, you are able to get other part time jobs which do not require you some talents.

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