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PC Technicians are nowadays much in demand to the development of IT that include increasing usage of IT application, computer systems, and networks. Due to these reasons, many people are getting interested to work as a PC or Computer Technician. This position can work in many fields and sectors as many businesses make use of computer programs and application. If you are also planning to apply for this job, you should prepare your cover letter and resume. Now, we are going to discuss how to make a proper resume. Actually it is very easy to make a resume or CV since there is internet where you can browse as many samples as you want. But, it is always better if you know how to make a good reason. Not all samples of PC Technician resume example that you get in the internet have good quality. Some of them may have poor quality. So, learning how to make the good one is the best idea.

Since there can be loads of form, let’s focus on the content. When writing a resume, you can begin with the objective. An objective is like a brief summary of your resume that tells who you are. It usually is written only in one single sentence with no more than three lines. Making this short but selling sentence is not easy. The objective is a very important of a resume because it is written on top so that this statement is the first thing to read and see in your resume. Keep in mind that in a resume there is no pronouns. An objective statement begins with what you are seeking. For example you can write that you are seeking for a dynamic position in IT field. Add what can you contribute the business and how you can do that. For instance, you can write your major skill or experience and how it can give contribution to the business.


The second part of a resume is professional experience. You may have loads of working experiences. List only those which have something to do with the job you apply. You can write your experience as a computer technician, computer assistant, and installation technician and other related fields. List the jobs from the most current one to the old one. For fresh graduate, this part is not really necessary. What you need to include in the working experience is the name of the company you worked, your position, and duties and responsibilities.


Another major part is education. Here you write a list of your education background. Education backgrounds related to PC Technician are for examples bachelor’s degree of Computer Information Science, Mechanical Engineering, or Information System. Do not forget to write your GPA. Also, if your graduate with cum laud title let the employer knows. These are only three major parts of a resume for PC Technician. There are many other parts such as additional skills and additional sections. But they are optional, meaning that you can include them if you have some other additional skills and some related certificates.

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PC Technician Resume Example


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