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logo-peeblesWell known as retail store chain along area of East Coast, Midwest and southern America, Pebbles is regional department store chain that focuses on maintaining customer service to be optimal by keep hiring the workforce to keep it balance.

On the Job at Peebles

Minimum employed age:   at least 18 years old

Business Hours: from Monday to Saturday: 10:00am-9:00pm; on Sunday: 12:00pm-6:00pm

Applicable positions: assistance staffs, representative officers, manager, coordinator, analyst, planner, specialist, accountant and merchandise staffs

Career Opening

Occupations and Pay Scale Info

Shop assistant can be applied for little or no experience candidate. Part time position to start and offered to full time as work length. Role to take as cashier, welcome customers and assist the inquiries. Cordial character with outgoing personalities proves the value. Money to make is hourly around $8,00-$9,00.

Beauty representative agent is also known as advisor of beauty products. The position takes role as the product ambassador so the background and knowledge about cosmetic, fragrances and beauty matters are important. Friendly, patience and able to employ persuasive selling skill are valuable candidates. Both full time and part time position are available. Commission can increase the pay rates, hourly wages up to $9,00.

Managerial careers are available in three titles, supervisor, associate leader and general manager. Administrative, coordination and directional duties are jobs to handle. Push the profits of store, hiring staffs, making sales reports and driving sales are to performed. Supervisor is paid hourly for $9-$10, associate manager can earn annual salary about $20,000 to $25,000 whereas general manager is possible to earn $45,000 then increase up to $55,000 with work length and experience.

Benefits Packages at Peebles

Staffs can enjoy work benefits provide by this retail such as comprehensive pay scale, retirement participation, paid for off or holiday, life insurance and healthcare coverage. Career growth chance is possible besides store discounts.

Tips of Applying

Access career portal form the Stage homepage and fill out all required fields with accurate and true information. Paper application form can be gained from the preferred retail chain. For those with initiative to do follow up, phone call or emails are adequate and ideal to do. Do not often call because it can be annoyance and hinder the possibility of hiring.

Further Information about retail store

Peebles is different from traditional retail store in sales. To keep the customers saving on is using variances of service and rewards events. Customers will be categorized in several types and the participants can earn off price up to 15%, gain gift cards or credit card issued by Stage.

Printable Application: No. Visit official site.

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