Pharmacy Technician Resume Sample

Entering the job field as pharmacy technician, someone must pass an exam in Certification Board of Pharmacy Technician, proven by the certification. The certificate will be useful in gaining employment in drug store chains, independent pharmacies or pharmacy division of some national scale stores as helpful backing personnel for licensed pharmacist.

ALERT: What can RUIN the retail sales job search? Wrong usage of resume style, is the definite answer.

Below are available three styles of resume. Which one will you choose to make great chance to get hired as Project Manager by the employer?

A. Chronological format

B. Functional format

C. Active format

ADVICE: don’t do common mistake done by almost 100% job seekers that choose incorrect format of resume. If you write the resume in correct format, it is increase the chance of being noticed by the employers that lead to interview calling and get hired at the same time can beat out the more experienced applicants.

In several areas as enacted by the law, that a pharmacy technician will be required to take more specific course including anatomy, basic, chemistry and other medical subjects that relevant to the profession. In writing a resume to apply for this job, you certification must be stated to add something extra besides match skill to the hiring pharmacist requirement.

D. Wilson
8707 Lee Avn
Bensonville, California 999xx
Home: (33x) 333-33xx
Cell: (33x) 123-xxxx


A well trained pharmacy technician with certification anf experienced for five years in a local pharmacy in Bensonville, CA. Enthusiast to gain new position in a pharmacy division of a hospital


Pharmacy of Bensonville in 2008 to current

  • Making formulation, giving label and distributing medications
  • Managing profiles of patient
  • Providing input into patient files related to prescriptions and medical insurance information
  • Providing assistance for routine tasks for the licensed pharmacist
  • Assigning questions of patient to the on-duty pharmacist


Completed and passed exam to receive Pharmacy Technician Certification in 2008 from Any City Certification Board of Pharmacy Technician, United States of America


Pharmacy of Bensonville: New Staff of the Year Award in 2008

Resume is one of main factors for the applicant to be noticed by the employers. The employers will highly consider well written resume. Deciding correctly when choosing the style of resume to use in the application will help making bigger chance for you to be considered and being called for interview.

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