Police Records Clerk Cover Letter Sample

The fundamental goal of cover letter for position as police records clerk is to bring out the employable and viable candidate in front of the employer. Stand out with your resume and motivate the hirer to consider you for interview call or better, to hire you is not easy. It should take extra attempt to write well cover letter. A brief, well created and attractive cover letter that specifically shows how you can handle and deal with the duties as clerk as police records will surely guarantee you for an interview that you eligible to get.

Cover letter is the way to secure the position and ensure for a call of interview and it is one of the goals by creating cover letter. Accordingly, developing actions flowing and being proactive is very essential. Write the closing explicitly that you are expected and asked for interview and tentative permission to any follow up related to your application. It will show how interest you are in the company you apply and the recruiters can evaluate as the strong interest.

Cover Letter Sample of Police Records Clerk

Feb 8, 2015

J. Morrison
HRD Manager
45 Flagship Avenue
Clearwater, Florida 670xx

Dear Mr. Morrison:

I am composing this letter to apply the position as a Police Records Clerk position at SERVICE CORP. After overlooking your detail job description, I believe that my proficiency in data analyzing, arranging information based on priority and obeying guidelines will prove my value of being useful in this position.

As you can take a look from my attached resume, my educational background in data entry has been reinforced by pertinent work experience. My duties at my previous job in field of a clerk of data entry are such as database handling, analysis and confidential records maintaining. My skills in retrieving data and data integrity have been strongly complimented by my previous hirers and I provide same performance about detail attention and accuracy to your company.

A meeting in person will be strongly appreciated to give me chance to explain my proficiency and competence in detail. I am able to make myself ready on any time and date you have. I shall contact your office to follow up this letter before the next weekend. In case you have any attention about my background, feel free to contact me at (00x) 444-55xx.

I am showing my gratitude for your time and attention.


H. James

(00x) 444-55xx

Enclosed: Resume

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