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Broadening business in US, PolloCampero as the biggest Latin chain worldwide with chicken as commodity has located 50 stores over 15 states. The business expansion needs support from dependable staffs and the part time hirelings therefore employee recruitments are held consistently. Visit the nearby PC store to apply the job in person by fill out the form and embark the process of hiring.

Working at PC

Minimum age: 18 years old

Hours of Operation: Sunday to Thursday: 10:00am-10:00pm; Friday to Saturday: 10:00am-11:00pm

Available positions: regular staffs, counter attendant, cooks, technician, managerial position and Human Resource administrators

Job Vacancy

Hardworking and cooperative characters prove the value for the candidates. Both full time and part time position are available. Duties to perform refer to entry level and upper level. Entry level candidates will be hired for part time crews’ position and suitable for inexperience or limited experience applicants. For professional candidates for working experience, managerial positions are offered. Both of positions demands excellence in performing customer service ability.

Positions and Salary Information

Minimum hiring age is 18 year. Preferably for those with bilingual or trilingual abilities specially for speaking Spanish due to the certain location with Spanish-speaking basic.

Job Titles

  • Crew: entry level duties to perform. Cashier, food prep, maintains cleanliness and taking order from customers. Flexible schedule must available. Hourly salary starts out with $10.00.
  • Managerial positions: manager must perform all upper level duties related to overall store operation. Delegating tasks, monitor operation, generate sales and other related to management and success of the restaurant. The candidates must have several length experiences in similar industry. Annual salary will fall around $60.000 or surpass.

Working Benefits

Reviewing by the location, the benefits vary depend on it. Basically, competitive payment, meal discounts, flexible scheduling and friendly working environment are available. Eligible workers will be able to receive more employment benefits including health and medical insurance, paid time off, sick leaves and paid vacation not to mention retirement plans.

More Info about PC

Embarked the journey of success in Guatemala in 1971, PC is now the largest Latin chicken chains expanded its business in U.S since 2002 in LA, California. More than a decade, 50 stores are opened across U.S and coast to coast before now the chain are available worldwide with over 300 locations. Latin American culinary with its special spices is the main products of PC in which all ingredients are about exotic Latin as well with the menu.

Printable Application: No. Visit official site.

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