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Seeking an employment in fast food chain industries can be started soon by filling out the online application form for filling positions in Port of Subs, a well know sub marine sandwich restaurant chain. Started in West Coast as a single location then developed on 1975 by John Larsen who bought the restaurant and the genuine location of this successful company is set in Sparks, Nevada with Reno as the headquarter. The vacancy is for job seeker who has been in long haul or looking for part time job to earn more for living.

Working at POS

Minimum age: 18 years old

Hours of Operation: 10:00am-8:00pm for Mon-Sat, 10:00am-7:00pm in Sun

Available positions: Staffs, associate manager, store manager, cashier and cooks

Job Opportunities

POS requires hireling to be at least 18 year old since it is the minimum age to hire. For limited experience applicants or fresh level workers, some careers are offered such counter attendant, food assembler and hosts. The must own characters are outgoing and friendly, hardworking, good skill in customer care and ready to self challenge in fast moving work environment. Crews are also demanded to hire that has responsibilities to maintain white glove environment such as restaurant cleanness and sanitation, perform transaction handling by operating cash register and the last but not least is provide well service to the customers. Those opportunities are available and recommended for those who expect entry level duties to perform.

POS also hires professional worker with experience and qualification. Managerial position is also necessary in running POS stores and there must be qualifies personnel who will take responsibility. Leadership, management and critical thinking characters to own will prove the value of candidates. For those who look for different environment in fast food industry or want to use experience differently, this job is ideal to apply.

Working Benefits

Generously comprehensive benefits are provided for all employees and qualified staffs can earn more as the compensation of their role to maintain restaurant success. Financial benefits including paid vacation and retirement plan besides also incentives. Medical insurance, food discounts and competitive reliable par rates are the basis.

More Info about POS

Primarily located in West area of U.S, some locations are widespread in U.S such as Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, California, and Utah not to mention Washington. More than 150 store location across countries. The supremacy of POS products is the usage of fresh meats, high quality cheeses and other fresh ingredients that distinct from its competitors.

Download & Print Port Of Subs application (PDF)

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