Preschool Assistant Teacher Job Description

In educational field, job vacancy can also be as various as other fields. One of them is preschool assistant teacher that is needed to help a lead teacher in handling classroom of preschoolers. Although a lead teacher maybe has years of experiences it is unlikely when managing a classroom alone because the characteristic of preschool age that is different from the older ages. This position requires experience as the learning process to perform better work. Sometimes, there will be technical training but when it has been directly involved, the experience will train more.

Assistant teacher helps ensuring that a classroom is well prepared for lessons. Arriving on time and monitor students under supervision are the duties. This position will not handle major instruction in classroom and tend to be more become companion instead of the real teacher. Children may regard as fun teachers and get closer to them. Pleasant personality, high-maintained emotional management, good grip on temper and children loving are several things to own in getting this position. Teacher assistant will manage classroom behavior, prepare materials and assist the pupils in their projects assigned to them.

Preschool Assistant Teacher Duties and Responsibilities

  • Help the lead teacher in providing logistical necessities when imparting education
  • Collect and input student data into database
  • Support the lead teacher in curriculum implementation of the school
  • Help lead teacher preparing lesson plans based on each capability of individual student learning
  • Make instructional components and manage to help lead teacher during in the classroom
  • Handle student behavior within classroom to conduct appropriate learning environment
  • Handle disobeying student by using tact and good manner
  • Maintain a well arranged and safe environment for students by verifying no harmful materials in class
  • Manage for outdoor activities and supervise their movement carefully to make sure that the student are safe
  • Encourage pupils to get involved in active movement such as sport and recreational
  • Assist students during lunchtime with their meals and escort students to bathrooms
  • Build a positive relationship with every pupils and observe for students who needs more special attention
  • Aid students during classroom assignment or activities and keep striving to increase their self-esteem
  • Examine each student to evaluate skills and interests and give feedback to the lead teacher
  • Observe students on a regular basis to assess weak spot and attempt to perform work for managing this issue
  • Conduct discussion between teacher and parents about growth and progress and inform how to develop and improve the children

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