Private Security Guard Cover Letter Sample

The private security guard works for variety of organizations or individuals and is in charge for protecting premises, staff, and goods. The role they have also includes preventing illegal actions. The common responsibilities of the private security guard include making sure the safety and security, identifying suspicious activity, evicting trespassers, preparing reposrs of suspicious incidents, patrolling the assigned area, taking action in the care of emergency, and performing first aid.

For those who are looking for the private security guard position position, you should make display of the assets in the cover letters such as the physical fitness and stamina, being available to work in shifts, the observant and investigate nature, problem solving orientation, discipline and can ignore distractions, confidentiality and integrity, effective communication, professionalism, and knowledge of security procedures.

For your reference, here is the cover letter sample of the private security guard.

Mr. Joseph Hwang (The name of the manager)

Kkami Group Inc. (The name of the company)

Trafford End Street 7277, Las Vegas, United States (The address of the company)

03-20-2018 (Date)

Dear Mr. Hwang [The name of the manager],

Your company recently advertised on the Job Street website for a Head Security Officer. Kindly accept my application from a highly resourceful and skilled professional that is proficient in driving efficiencies, devising safety, security, and loss prevention procedures, and enhancing existing company assets.

I can converting conflict scenarios into positive outcomes through effective problem-solving and complaint handing skills. Currently, I work at JYP Corporation as the Head Security Officer. I am responsible for monitoring and making sure the safety of the manager. I have successfully managed the scheduling for the securing team that has led to an average payroll saving of $5,000. I am pleased to state that my experience in handling dangerous situations and steal prevention is above par with your expectations. In addition, the training that I have done has provided me with the knowledge to cope with unforeseen threats.

In order to support your base requirements, I can bring an enthusiastic and perspective to this position. I take direction well, but I also can work independently.

My resume is attached for your consideration. I believe that I could be an asset to your team and would very much appreciate the chance to discuss how my experience and certifications could contribute to this position.

Thank you for your chance and consideration.


Joseph Hwang [Your Name]

That is the cover letter sample for the private security guard. If you find it hard to make it by yourself, then you can try to look for the template. There are lots of sites that offer the cover letter template for the private security guard. You can copy-paste it and change it with your condition.

Aside from that, you can also ask for someone who knows how to make this kind of thing so you will be able to make one if one day you have to make it once again. Do not hesitate to ask for a help.

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