Project Manager Cover Letter Sample

Project Manager is surely a position comes with great responsibility carried by he who sits in this position. Generally, a project manager is a leader on a specific project. This position got several subordinate positions, one of which is Subsea Consultant. The main tasks performed by the Project Manager is to lead, plan and report on the performance of the team in achieving the project targets in accordance with the company’s business plan.

These are tasks that must be performed by a project manager:

  1. Lead the planning and implementation of the project.
  2. To coordinate the overall project schedule.
  3. Ensure that all plans come in accordance with certain qualifications.
  4. Meet each of the project requirements, and try to harmonize them with specific business plan designed beforehand.
  5. Make a plan and schedule so that they meet project targets.
  6. Give suggestion, idea and encouragement to team members.
  7. Maintain good relations with clients.
  8. Develop and present a project report to the client.
  9. Monitoring ongoing projects.
  10. Make detailed reports on progress, schedule, budget, risks, and solution.
  11. Report the results of the project achievements.

As we have seen, a project manager is a man who has a heavy duty. He will make sure that everything about the current project goes according to the plan. Here is an example of project manager cover letter which might be useful for those who is interested on applying such a position like project manager.

Jackson Tiago
258 Ex Street. 10
Houston, TX 66789

September 6, 2013

Mr. Ronald Khasali
Head of Human Resources Department
IMB Construction Inc.
2nd IMB Way, Hover
Houston, TX 66756

Dear Mr. Khasali

With humility and a sense of great interest, I send you my resume as a representative of my desire to occupy a position as Project Manager at IMB Construction, Inc. as has been announced in your website. Being one of the workers at the IMB Construction was my dream for a long time. I am very interested in how your company applying innovation and a strong strategy. I would like to take the opportunity provided by your company, an opportunity that might make my dream come true. I want to transform the background of my education and my personal experience to the position as Project Manager in your company.

Over the last two years, I have been working at Edge Soil Waste Management as a junior project manager. There I have achieved consistent results and outstanding achievements, associated with the implementation and execution of IT-based waste management project. I also have been managed to offer the best solutions and also managed to handle consumer relations and corporate, by prioritizing client satisfaction. Since I have completed MBA education three years ago, I am sure I can apply academic knowledge to the field in a way that is more productive.

Of course I still have a strong talent and ambition, and my hope is that I can use them to promote your company. I am confident that I can be a valuable asset to the IMB Construction. I look forward to meeting you and discussing my qualifications which would be useful for your company. Thank you for your time reading my application.

With regards and respects,
Jackson Tiago

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