Psychology Counseling Resume Sample

Write a psychology counseling resume is usually quite intimidating the applicants. To write a resume that kind of resume will need the sort of guidance so that you can follow the step in right way so the results are good enough to be read. In general, there are three overall steps that must be followed by the candidate in writing a resume.

First, collect all the main information about you relating the job. The lists of the main information consists of your experience as a professional complete with the date and year as well as the length of your work period in there, other jobs that are relevant and related to the position you are applying for, and the details of academic stuff.

Do not forget to sort all the information you have into several section that are tailored to some groups. In this section you will need a contact person, a brief summary of your work experience and educational stuff.

Choose the proper format before write down all of your information. In addition, include the attachment such as certificates and other important documents. Make sure there are no typos in your psychology counseling resume.

Psychology counseling resume sample

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Psychological counselor who has dedicated and experienced for 5+ years and good in psychotherapy whether individual treatments, couple counseling, and counseling in group. Highly understanding of counseling techniques both modern and contemporary which can be applied to various sights of psychology. Effectively cope with stress and relieve anger, mastered the technique to control the strange habits, and family therapy. The abilities and qualifications include:

(You can write your ability and particular skills related to the job position in two or three abilities)


In this paragraph you can show your experience since you work as a professional in the sector of psychology. Write down your position during work in that departments or psychotherapy complete with the year along with the date as well as the longtime period you work there. It would be better if equipped with the key accomplishments in the form. It includes the performance and any achievements during the work. Things like that can attract the attention and interest of those who read your resume.


This paragraph is the last line. You can write down about the detail of education both academic and non-academic stuff that you have been through.

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