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Those who would like to build a career in supermarkets industry may find an interesting deal at Publix. Publix was firstly founded in 1930. This first location of Publix Super Market was using air conditioning, refrigerated cases, and automated doors. Winter Haven, Florida, was the first location chosen by George W. Jenkins and it was not very successful though, due $120,000 produced in yearly sales. This broke happened in 1934. However, the sale was upraising more than $1 billion in 1974, and in 1989, the company recorded the $5 billion in yearly sales. Started from 1991, the company expanded its coverage outside Florida, and it is now operate across the Southeastern U.S. The company generates $24 billion of revenue in yearly sales. Publix now operates over 1,000 supermarkets, spreading throughout Tennessee, South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, and Georgia. The company employs 152,000 workers in total, an amount of employees that signifies the greatness of Publix. And indeed, Publix is actually the most popular grocery store in the United States. We guess the reason behind its success can be felt through a word: innovation. This word combines with excellent customer service became a key that help Publix reach its successfulness. A wide range of customers will easily find a wide selection of food-related products and foods when they shopping at one store.

At which point, some of you might feel that Publix would become a nice working place where you can try establishing a stable career, so perhaps you will ask: what are positions available at Publix? Just like the other, Publix gradually needs to hire professional associates and entry-level workers as well. By then, it is sure that you are going to find any position you would like to apply in the future. The company itself offers plenty of job opportunities, each of which can be seen as follow:

  • Cashier. This position has a responsibility in serving customers with final purchases. The duties were including handling money, operating registers, and answering questions.
  • Stock Clerk. This position generally referred to as stock associates, and it has a responsibility in handling the entire tasks related to products stocked and shelves organized. The duties were including assisting customers, checking expiration dates, cleaning, and completing other jobs. Amount of payment starting from $9/hour, depending on department and experience possessed by workers.
  • Management. In general, this position has an adequate relation with a few positions such as supervisors and public managers. Both of which had covered a several duties, such as hire new associates, schedule workers, train employees, and oversee daily store operations. The positions available in the field of management were including shift supervisor, office manager, department manager, assistant store manager, and store manager.
  • Aside of these position, Publix may need to hire workers to fill some other positions such as cafeteria worker, produce, seafood, meat, deli, bakery, pharmacy technician, staff pharmacist, and other retail jobs.

Unfortunately, the company does not provide a job application to be downloaded. It means the whole procedures of applying job should be done online, by way visiting Publix’s website.

Click here to apply online at Publix.

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