Quiznos Application – Canada Careers

Quiznos Application – Canada Careers offer plenty fast food restaurant vacancy. Work in Quiznos Canada will give new worker great experience and good job references. To get in Quiznos Canada job, you need to apply in online or visit their nearest restaurant location to follow hiring process.

Quiznos Canada Job Position and Salary

Crew Member- crewmember in Quiznos Canada will work and perform daily in restaurant operation. The crewmember is responsible for take customer order, handle cash operation, make sandwich, and keep the restaurant stay clean and hygiene. Senior in in Quiznos Canada crewmember will train new worker with proper procedures and the new worker will earn minimum wage. This minimum rate also varies from $11.00 to $13.00 per hour.

Delivery Driver- they are responds to take customer order and deliver to customer. Delivery driver could be uses for individual order or for catering event orders. The driver applicant should have good driving skills and reliable vehicle. They are paid with minimum wage and able to get extra tips from expedient delivery services.

Management- for the management, it is consisting of assistant manager and store manager. Both of them monitor store, ensure the employee work, and work ethic. The assistant manager train and guide new worker aside their main responsibility. The manager restaurant responsible for scheduling worker, interview new worker, payroll and communicate with headquarters.   The salary option for management reward is available for $40.000 to $60.000.

Quiznos Canada Work Beneficiaries

When work in Quiznos Canada, you are able to get health benefit, wellness perk and financial assistance. Their benefit is available for full time worker, managers, and corporate associate’s team. Their restaurants employees are acceptable to get insurance with several types of coverage such as medical, vision and dental coverage. In certain circumstances, they also offer accidental coverage and dismemberment coverage insurance. As well, their focus to their worker safety, they offer long term and short-term disability coverage. Financial benefit for their employee considered for saving plans, retirement plans, vacation and sick leaves, employee assistance program and flexible employee spending account.

Quiznos Canada Information

In Quiznos Canada, you are able to get American menus counterpart. They offer varies of submarine sandwich and other fast food menu such as pizza, salads, bread and soup. They are able to serve catering service and offer franchise options for their customer.  They become the first restaurant leading in Submarine sandwich and they offer healthy alternative fast food with fresh ingredient and hygiene cooking.

Minimum age to work at Quiznos: 16

Official Site: www.quiznos.ca/About/Careers.aspx

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