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If you happen to love sandwich and are not looking for a job that deals with it, Quiznos is the best place to make your dream comes true. Quiznos’ branches spread all over the US in about 1500 locations. The sandwich and the meals here are famous for its fresh ingredients; top menu items as well the fast service.

About Quiznos you need to know

The Quiznos is looking for qualified professionals who are willing to work every day starting from 11.00 am to 9.00 pm. There are some available positions at the Quiznos, please check for the details by clicking the Jobs Available at the Quiznos. Read also the tips on the interview then download and print the application.

Job opportunities and job description at the Quiznos

The team of employees at the Quiznos is expected to have skills on communicating well with customers; good dealing with deadlines; qualified foods preparations. Here is the best place for those who are looking for the reliable, comfortable and artistic job in culinary field. Customer service as well as cashier roles are the integral part of working in Quiznos. So, skills on computer and foods preparation are needed.

Information about salary and job requirements and benefits of working at Quiznos

The applicants should minimum 16 years old and must be able to show the enjoyment and capability in working with pressure and speed. The skill in adapting changes is also expected since working in restaurant has big chance in dealing with unexpected situation. Fit stamina every day is a must since the employees are expected to be able to lift heavy equipments in the kitchen. Plus, they should show good manner and fun approach when dealing with co-workers and customers all time during the working hour. The salary begins at minimum wage for the crew members. For part-timers, uniform, paid training and free meals are the privilege. Medical coverage, insurances, and time for vacation are some compensation given for the full-timers.

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William Cone

I am the manager of Quiznos. If you decide to fill the job employment form, make sure you read all the requirements after reading all job opportunities. I suggest that you also read the details of job description as well.

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