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Rally’s offers great opportunities to join the success of national food seller to fill positions in performing entry-level duties or searching steady professional career in managerial positions. By calling into double drive thru service skills, the fast service foods serves lots of customers during rush hours of lunch or dinner every day.

Rally’s Working Description

Minimum age: 16 years old

Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday at 10:00am-2:00am; Saturday at 10:00am-3:00am; Sunday at 10:00am-1:00am

Available positions: entry level staffs, counter attendant, administrant and management field

Job Vacancy

Entry level employments are available for career starters, part time job seeker or side job seeker. Basic duties to perform can earn competitive salary. Minimum hiring qualifications is applied for this employment with at least 16 years old candidates. Higher-level of supervisory and administrative tasks will be employed by professional associates such as manager or leader. Additional qualification proves the value such as education degree, experience and driver license ownership. Full time schedule is available for career-oriented associates.

Position and Pay Scale Info

  1. Crew Staff handles all basic duties related to store operations such as employing cash register, food preparation, handling orders, welcoming customers, cleaning dining stations and run drive-thru windows service. Ability to stand in prolonged periods, basic math skill and customer care skills prove valuable. Pay scale starts out at minimum salary. More expert member can earn $8.00 to $10.00 an hour. Shift leader works for 20-35 a week with yearly salary range $22.000-$26.000.
  2. Cook also categorized as entry-level jobs with minimum hiring perquisite. Highly motivated work ethic, experienced candidates is more preferable. Minimum wages to start and the next evaluation can improve the salary up to $10.00-$11.00 hourly with 40 hours working a week.
  3. Shift Leader supervise the crew staffs working performance and monitor overall operation. It earns hourly pay about $8.00 to $9.00.
  4. General Administrant must own leadership skill since the duties will relate to overall store operation from the smallest to the big deal of restaurant. High school diploma and experience history of same industry is necessary. Pay scales range from $50.000 to $60.000

Working Benefits

Employment benefits: comparable pay scale, paid training, flexible timing and other incentives and bonuses.

Employee benefits: coverage for healthcare, life insurance, future financial planning, paid time off, sick leave.

More Info about This Restaurant

Under acquirement of Checkers Drive-In Resto Inc. currently maintain restaurant chains on more than 800 locations.

Printable Application: No. Visit official site.

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