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For those who still trying to get a suitable job, you can just try to follow Real Canadian Application. The most interesting part of this program is that they are finding various types of applicants. For example, you have a chance to apply whether for full time or part time job. How about if you don’t have enough experience on the related job? Don’t worry with that because sometimes they also find inexperience. Of course, having enough experience will be good. The job position available there are also various and you can choose based on your specification or your interest.

The Real Canadian Application makes specific screening to get the perfect candidate to the job offered. The most important thing is that they will make an interview with you as the applicant. What you have to do to apply the job is by visiting the official and then complete the online form. Just make sure that you have complete the form clearly and as complete as it can. All Canadians around 15 years old or more are allowed to apply this application. By the time you got your job, you will have to do a training first. Interestingly, you still get paid even in your on job training. Specifically, you can start to complete your online form and apply for cashier, sales associate, loss prevention officer, management and many more. Definitely, the discussion about salary is also a must discussion while finding a job. The salary offered by Real Canadian Application is various and it depends on the job you want to apply. In specific, you can ear around $12.00 up to $90.00 with different qualification and skills.

Let say, you only have very limited skill. It is okay to try to apply as sales associate. The task of this position is to meet with shoppers directly. Good communication skill and personality are needed if you want to take this type of job. If you take this job you will ear around $12.00 up to $13.00 per hour. Again, it will be great if you have experience on the job you want to apply. On the other hand, if you have enough working experience, you can try to apply as management. This type of job can produce around $15.00 up to $90.00. Furthermore, you also supported by several benefits such as medical program, scholarship program, regular training program, and many more. For more information about Real Canadian Application, you can just click the link below and get the complete detail there.

Minimum age to work at Real Canadian Superstore: 15

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