Real Estate Appraiser Resume Example

Real estate is an attractive field to earn a big sum of money. Not only property traders, there are also some educated and experienced professionals being involved. One of them is real estate appraiser. Before the contract is signed between the seller and buyer, initial site visit is needed to check the property condition and appraise its value. Of course, there will be some criteria to consider. Countable reports which are baked with the relevant facts and other information must be prepared too. It is what the appraiser of real estate does.

Real estate appraiser is an attractive profession with good earning. The major role of this occupation is to determine a property or structure values. A real estate needs to be evaluated before its sale, when refinancing, receiving insurance or home equity loans and in an event of the foreclosure or ruin. It requires a certain level of education to do this job, based on the appraising type you want to do. To appraise commercial real estate, you are required to have a bachelor’s degree. But if you want to appraise residential properties, you must own an associate’s degree. If you have the required education level and know well what to do with this occupation, it is time to send your application. Here is a resume example to apply for Real Estate Appraiser job:

James Anderson
2589, East 76 Street
Saint Cloud, MN 56055

Job Objective: Dedicated Real Estate Appraiser looking for a job within your company where I can show my skills and grow along with the company.

Qualification summary:

Specialized experience includes:

  • Effectively advertising services to Fortune 500 industries
  • Reviewed real estate and property value for the insurance claims, changes and repair
  • Representing estimating software in North states and pursuing with trouble solving support
  • Office management and project, overseeing estimators, manager and construction team
  • Profound knowledge of property tax regulations
  • Good understanding of USPAP, FHLMC and FNMA guidelines
  • Amazing ability to record and prepare appraisal reports

Professional Experience

Real Estate Appraiser
SWS Group Inc, MN
February 2005 – present

  • Inspected and examine physical condition, size, quality of property
  • Indentified repairs and improvement
  • Determined property market value with estimated depreciation factors and recent sales
  • Presented appraisal repots in Tax Court and Board of Equalization
  • Explained appraisal procedures

VP / Appraiser
June 2000 – 2005
Winona Constructs, MN

  • Handled 2-estimators, supervisor and 20 member construction team, assessing breaks, planning estimates and suggestions for insurance industries and overseeing reconstruction actions
  • Called related parties, i.e. owners, real estate industries, insurance company reps and adjusters, supporting company’s services.
  • Offered demos and preparation to team in a computer estimating s/f package.
  • Accomplished average yearly sales of $950K with fresh clients.

Property Claims Representative
December 1995-2000
St. Paul Living and Causality
St. Paul, MN

  • Reviewed all kinds of residential properties and inspected all kinds of harms to house, including water, fire, vandalism and natural disasters
  • Resoluted value of claim and set up reports
  • Surpassed monthly claims share by 40 percent

Education Details:
Bachelor’s Degree in Real Estate
Gordon College, Wenham, MA

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