Receptionist Sample Resume

To get job as a receptionist is actually not that hard as long as you present what the qualification as a receptionist so the employer will consider you to fill the position. A receptionist requires a person with these personalities: friendly, easy communicating, organized, having serving ability and welcoming to everyone. It is because receptionist is the first figure that the guest meets once they enter the front office.

HINT: The wrong resume style you are using can destroy your chance to fill the position as receptionist.


Below are available three resume styles. Which one will you choose to create bigger chance to get hired as receptionist by the hirer?

  1. Chronological style

  2. Functional style

  3. Active style

To bottom lines, the point to match your competence to the job’s requirements for the applicant that expect to hire.

CLUE: when applying a job, nine from ten applicants use the wrong resume style. Whereas when the correct resume is opted out, not only higher possibility of you to get hired but also you can eliminate other candidates even those with more experience than you are.

Bear in mind that it is imperative that you refer why and how you must be chosen to fill the position. As a receptionist, the candidate is expected of having outgoing and friendly personality, willingness and ability in public communication, mastering the knowledge of the company and able to perform for any duties related to the office including documenting archives, answering questions, phone calls handling and meeting or appointments making.

Laura B.

Bluebell Lane 786

Oakhurst, Pennsylvania 999xx

Home: (3xx) 333-3xxx

Cell: (3xx) 123-xxxx


Having experience as receptionist for three years at a big company in a big city in East Coast. Having excellent ability in word processing and people communication. Willing to meet position as receptionist again with a corporation in this surrounding Oakhurst.


Brokerage House of W.S Sloan & Sons from 2010 to 2013

  • Receptionist positioned in the front office of company’s vice president

  • Company lobby’s head receptionist with duties for guest greeting, questions answering and phone class handling

  • Gave training toward new part timer staffs and held company tours on the purpose to be familiar with the company and its goal


Tri-City, School of Business, Any City, United States of America in 2007


Awarding for Women in Business as the Receptionist of the Year in 2013

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