Relationship Banker Resume Example

A resume is one of important documents when you apply a job because it can be said as your first impression in front of recruiters. It seems that making resume is an easy job. However, there are plenty of applicants who come to a company and it means that you have to make sure that you make an outstanding resume.

A resume consists of several parts including Heading, Professional Summary, Core Qualifications, Experience, and Education. In the Heading part, you have to mention your name, address and also phone number and email address that can be contacted. Then, in the Professional Summary part, you are able to tell who are you and what you can do briefly. Next, in the Core Qualifications part, you need to mention your skills.

Usually, the skills are listed with bullet. You can mention your skills which are suitable with the job that you are applying. If you apply as a relationship banker, it means that you will work by facing math, meeting with clients and solving their problems, operating computer using bank software, collecting costumer information for marketing, and talking on the phone. So, you have to mention your skills that can support those jobs. For example, you can mention that you have the strong ability in math, can operate computer especially Microsoft program, have the ability in excellent marketing, being able to do exceptional communication, and more. Then, in the Experience part, you have to mention your experience work which is suitable with the job that you are applying. But, you do not only mention it, you also have to mention what role that you did when you work in the past company.

Do not forget to mention the time period and also the name of the company as example below.


Relationship Banker                                                                                     1/1/2009 – 7/1/2014

Federal Bank                                                                                                    New Parkland, CA

  •  Assisted in making marketing materials that were distributed through the local newspapers and magazines.
  • Often requested to do presentations to owners and employees of small business.

The last, in the Education part, you have to mention your education background including the name of university, degree and time period.

After you know the structure of resume, now you need to know the tips to make it stand out. First, your resume needs to be consistent. It means that if you use bullet points in mentioning your responsibilities and achievements, you also need to use it in all other positions. Second, you have to keep it focused. Make sure that you resume only focus on the skills and attributes that qualify you for the job. Third, make it legible. Your resume should be easy to read so that you have to use a legible font. Also, you need to make sure that the font is not too small or too big. Fourth, edit your resume carefully. If you do not edit your resume and then there are grammar and spelling errors, it can make you seem inattentive to details. If there is error in grammar or spelling, it is not important that you will be eliminated from the competition.

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