Resignation Letter Example without Notice Period

Resignation LetterDue to some reasons, sometimes you must resign from a job. For a job that you have already started, your resignation letter may do not need to include notice period. It is different from resigning from a job that you are vested in where notice period is required. If you already work in the company for a period of time, at least 2 weeks’ notice or even a month notice should be give to your employer before leaving. In this article, we focus on resignation from a position that you already started where notice is not really required. Sometimes there are reasons like you realize that the job is not for you, some company issues arise, or the working environment is not good, etc, that make you want to quit. Before you resign, you should review and gain information on terms and conditions of breaking contract with resignation. Although resignation letter is sometimes not required in some companies for new employee, still it is a better idea to write a resignation letter to formally resign for a job. It shows your professionalism and responsibility. There might be a lot of samples but resignation letter example without period is more or less the same everywhere.

Like when writing other letters, today’s date, manager’s name, company name and address, as well as opening salutation should be written well before you come to the paragraph. Generally resignation letter only consists of one paragraph only. In the letter, you should clearly state the resignation even in the first sentence to let the employer know the purpose of your letter. Say that you have no choice that you should design to leave. Do not forget to express your regret for this decision. Because resignation has to do with final paycheck, you should also discuss about the arrangements you have made to the Human Resources about this matter. Express your willingness to deal with any possible problems that may arise. Lastly, thank the company for any opportunities and valuable trainings, given to you End the letter with closing salutation, your clear signature, and, name. That is the proper and respectful way to write a job resignation letter for your employer.

Although you may find many different version of resignation letter example without period, more or less they just the same. There are some key points to be paid attention when you write the letter. Keep the letter brief. Stating the reasons for living is important but do not write specific reasons especially if they are negative reasons. Offer only positive comments. Keep in mind that this is just a letter. You should meet your supervisor in person after you give the letter. It is better to give a sample letter to the Human Resources. Who knows they already have a standard form that you have to filed out. You should also provide some copies of your letter. Based on the regulation of the companies, perhaps resignation letters should be addressed to some parties, not only to the supervisor.

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Resignation Letter Example without Notice Period


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