Restaurant Manager Resume Template

Conducting service in restaurant in managerial position is great opportunity of career and good for public interaction. To fill that position an exceptional resume is necessary to write that show the hiring manager why you are the most appropriate person to fill the job.

GUIDANCE: Don’t use WRONG format of resume unless you want to doom your search of job as Restaurant Manager and the only thing you can do is only dreaming of it.

Below are available three resume styles to choose, what is your choice that can make you are considered by the hiring manager for interview or, better, get hired?

A. Chronological style

B. Functional style

C. Active style

CLUE: When applying a job, nine from ten applicants use the wrong resume style. Whereas when the correct resume is opted out, not only higher possibility of you to get hired but also you can eliminate others even with more experience than you.

Attaching the list of tasks you have done in the previous or current job in your resume particularly those that match to the requirements as requested by the employers. the more fit your experience and skill to the requirements, the bigger chance of an interview calling, or better, get hired.

Susan C.
435 Lincoln Avn
Busyville, California 999xx
Home: (33x) 333-33xx
Cell: (33x) 123-xxxx


Trained in professional capacity as server, waitress and assistant manager of a restaurant. Currently enthusiasts to be look foe employment in manager of restaurant position. Adept employee trainer, initiator, solution seeker, occasion planner, stock supervisor and excellent customer talker.


Roger’s Ribs & Salads as Assistant Manager, from 2008 to 2013

  • Assisted plan and conducted special occasion events
  • Planned a promotional campaign for 10th anniversary celebration of the restaurant
  • Cooperated with new staffs
  • Helped the manager in arranging workers schedules
  • Met with staff and management and took reviews and evaluation
  • Took part in decision makings dealing with restaurant’s upgrade about decoration of exterior and interior


Any City University, United States of America in 2008


Restaurant Workers of USA: Exceptional Member of the Year awarded in 2011

Roger’s Ribs & Salads: Noteworthy Staffs of the Year awarded in 2012

Deciding correctly when choosing the style of resume to use in the job application will help making bigger chance for you to be considered and being called for interview.

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