Restaurant Owner Resume Sample

Owning a restaurant is challenging because of its responsibility but it is amazing to learn about experience. In culinary field, besides running own restaurant, gaining license for a franchise are chosen as the starting point to business. Dealing with applying franchise license, a restaurant owner must provide noticeable resume related to the credentials. Having knowledge about world of culinary that deals with food preparation, culinary terms are a must besides also about the angle of business. The success of restaurant business will be started by the resume you wrote before. Below is a resume sample of restaurant owner that you can study before writing your own.

G. Holmes

562 Walnut St● Grafton, West Virginia 928xx ● (99x) 99x-99xx,

Restaurant Entrepreneur

Have background setting in fast-moving culinary field. Own exceptional knowledge related to food terms, excellent skill in communication also passion for outstanding environment of customers. Persistent and inventive with deep understanding of customers service that maintaining the loyalty of the customers in the environment of food service industry. Major competences include:

  • Capable to combine skills of creativity and administration to acquire targets both for the restaurant workers and customers
  • Comprehensive experience in progressing customers through well-managed marketing strategies
  • Qualified competence in restaurant financial management including cash-in, bank liaison and payroll
  • Extensive consciousness of trends in culinary dealing with industry of food service in compliance with exceptional ability to compete with others.


– Food trait

– Stocks and purchases

– Sanitation and safety

– Customer aid

– Marketing promotion

– Employee development

– Finance maintaining

– Menu arranging

– Friendliness management

– Events handling

– Communication skill

– Financial plan conformity


  • Developed customer source by more than sixty percent in the first period employed as Pitchers Galore Restaurant’s Manager
  • Made know a instruction related to customer service called All Smiles that supports the classic idiom ‘the client is always correct’
  • Distributed system about food ordering by recommending orders of real time orders through tablet PCs, reducing order duration up to 35%
  • Displayed as the ‘Most Excellent Restaurant in Grafton’ by Food Market in the issue of July 2014


Restaurant Administrator | Pitcher’s Galore, Grafton, West Virginia | from 2010 to Present

  • Coordinate service, greeting patrons and provide proper seating
  • Supervise the restaurant workers’ service to the customers
  • Create estimation of supplies to make sure that the stocks and supplies do not use up
  • Supervise the hygiene, sanitation and safety principles undertaken
  • Oversee staff actions, correct and intervene any necessary situation
  • Instruct and oversee the restaurant cleaning and follow liquor regulation
  • Resolve solution for customer complaints and perform priority for customer satisfaction
  • Manage in all matters related to equipment and furniture of the restaurant
  • Supervise cash flow and final calculation at the day’s end
  • Provide assistance in planning marketing campaign and arranging menus to boost restaurant

Manager | Olive Garden, Grafton, West Virginia | from 2009 to 2010

  • Welcome and assist customers for seating
  • Offered and informed menus with the day’s special for customer
  • Aided customers in deciding menus choices by informing the menu items
  • Handled order and ensured for accuracy order
  • Provided order delivery timeline to customer
  • Relayed and followed up orders to kitchen staff
  • Delivered customers’ orders
  • Handled and handed bills from cashier to customer

Culinary College of Yates in Grafton, West Virginia in 2005
B.A. degree in Culinary Arts

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