Retail Resume Template

The bottom line in making resume is how to match the experience with the employer is looking for. Regardless of the previous job you took in career, as long as the experience is related to the requirements of the advertised job, it is important to mention in the resume so you will have good chance of being called for interview. If you are applying for a retail job, the following resume sample can be a good guide for you to write impressive and effective resume.

ALERT: What can RUIN the retail sales job search? Wrong usage of resume style, is the definite answer.

From these resume styles below, guess which one will get you hired as retail sales quickly.

  1. Chronological format

  2. Functional format

  3. Active format

ADVICE: don’t do common mistake done by almost 100% job seekers that choose incorrect format of resume.

If you write the resume in correct format, it is increase the chance of being noticed by the employers that lead to interview calling and get hired at the same time can beat out the more experienced applicants.

Mary A. Jones

908 Larkspur Avn

Cozytown, Alaska 999xx

Home: (33x) 333-33xx

Cell: (33x) 123-xxxx


Having six years retail experiences in department of sportswear of a big outlet of women apparels. received twice award in a row as Manager. Recently searching for new retail management career.


Nancy’s Sportswear from 2007 to 2013

• Traded sportswear on the floor and via email or phone to buyer base

• Made new customers for the store by building goals per month and acquiring them

• Gave training for new staffs of sale

• Handled as Department’s Assistant Manager when Manager was not in duty.


Any City University, Any City, United States of America attended in 2008


Retail Saleswomen of USA: Exceptional Member of the Year in 2011

Award of Pacesetter from Nancy’s Sportswear in 2009 and 2010

The crowd of job seekers is getting tight in competition. Therefore how to definitely stand out is the essential thing to understand. Resume is one of main factors for the applicant to be noticed by the employers. The employers will highly consider the applicants with well written resume that attract their interest. Deciding correctly when choosing the style of resume to use in the application will help making bigger chance for you to be considered and being called for interview.

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