Retail Stock Clerk Job Description Sample

Retail stock clerks will work basically behind the scenes with responsibility of control the inventory within the field of retail. They handle the coming supplies, check the accuracy between order and the delivered items, unpacks the delivery to end up being displayed in shelves in which they are going to be purchased by the customers. Because of the nature of work of being behind the scenes, this position may be one of profession that have minimum contact with customers and may happen when they display and check the stock. For this time, they are needed to help customer in selecting and putting products as well providing product information to the. The requirement related to the individual characteristic to get this job position must be individuals with orientation to detail as they have to be able to accurately crosscheck the invoice to the tangible supplies they received. Since it relates to accuracy, thus, attention to detail and carefulness must be owned. Checking and rechecking the inventory and stock that is used up and list down to be looked into by the store officers. Some employers may request a candidate to fill this position to also perform regular detail duties in which dealing with front-end duties such as product campaign and transaction closing.


To apply this job position, an applicant is not really imperative to own more than degree of high school. Retail world sales knowledge sometimes is prior to such 4 Ps in marketing as the work essence. Importantly, there will be a training program that is held for retail stock clerk in order they can perform their duties according to basic principles of sales and marketing.

Retail Stock Clerk Duties and Responsibilities

  • Check accuracy and correlation between product invoices to the items that are actually received
  • Evaluate and make lists for supply team about available and run out stock
  • Contact supply officers and discuss about providing necessary supplies
  • Explain to supply officers where products were used by discussing reports of sales and wastage
  • Examine received product for any damage and report the damage if available
  • Classify different item types and place them on hand truck to carry them from the storage to the display
  • Stock any displaying attributes with stock by following strictly the marketing’s 4 Ps.
  • Arrange products in well manner; adhere to policies and practices of company
  • Managing shelves and display cases related to the cleanness and restock on the displayer as soon as sold
  • Help customers by providing answer for their questions about prices and item features
  • Inform features of products, special discount or offers
  • Set up displays of store and use cash registers to encircle sales

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