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Ross Stores are a national chain company offering people with off price clothing apparel. This major clothing brand is based on California. This big company has more than 300 stores operating along the West Coast and New York. Ross stores are a great place to shop. The women clothes available come in various designs and styles unaffordable pricing. You can also get the fashion for men, but this company focuses more on women clothing apparel. You can get discount when you shop in Ross stores. With the growth of Ross stores around US, the company needs more workers. There are more than 45,000 employees in their stores serving the customers in US and Guam. There are many jobs offered to cover the store operation. You can apply the position based on your working expertise. You just have to send the application letter to the fill the position as an area supervisor, retail associate, merchandise handler, data entry clerk, customer service representative, sales intern, assistance manager, tore protection specialist, warehouse worker, night stock room associate, administrative assistant, assistant buyer, and tore manager. Before you apply the application letter on Ross stores, you need to know the condition. Here are some conditions to note:

Minimum age for employment

You need to make sure that you turn 18 this year if you want to be part of Ross stores. The people who have the ageless than 18 years old are not illegible to apply any position in the Ross stores.

Hours of operation

If you take a look at the official store of Ross stores, you find out that the open and closing hour of the stores is around 9:30 am to 9:30 pm from Monday to Saturday. The stores open from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm on Sunday.

Positions to Apply

Ross stores offering you with many positions to apply, the salary that you receive each month depending on the position. You can choose the management roles if you are illegible to serve the roles as an assistant manager or store manager. You need to be involved with scheduling works, training staff, hiring staff and operating the store. Generally, you will be paid around $30,000 to $60,000 each year. The amount of salary offered by Ross stores depends on your job title, experience, and location. Another position to choose is sales associate. Your responsibility is to stock goods, operate cash register and help customers. However, you need to be involved with administration, data entry and sales intern operation because Ross stores are a retail chain. If you get a job in Ross stores, you can enjoy many benefits as employees. You can enjoy the flexible scheduling, competitive payment and comprehensive job training. The team members can get discount when they buy some items in Ross stores. The medical health is also presented to make the employees healthy. It can cover the general health as well as vision and dental issue.

The benefits given to the employees depend on the position that you can get in Ross Stores. If you have a higher position, you will get more benefits. If you are interested to get one of the promising positions in Ross stores, you can fill the online application in Ross official website.

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