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Safeway is looking for employees who want to work part-time and full-time with a flexible schedule. Prospective employees will get paid training and be able to develop their career. Safeway operates as a well-known supermarket and has more than 220 stores in some locations. The United States was the first country to make its company become a great company then it expanded into Canada by utilizing the entire market in America. Canada Safeway is one of the renowned companies that sell goods such as meat, dairy products, frozen food, flowers, and much more. Customers can enjoy a wide range of goods which have a well-known trademark and products at affordable prices.

Safeway Job and Incentive Information

The first job that will be given by Safeway Canada is cashier. A cashier will directly serve customers, handling finances, completing the transaction, and answer customers’ questions. The cashier at Safeway Canada generally works part-time for 15 and 30 hours per week. They will be paid $ 11.00 to $ 15.00.

Next is a clerk. A clerk has some duties in taking care of dairy, deli, meat, seafood, frozen foods, bread, flowers, or the pharmacy. A clerk will also be in charge of the goods sold and accept delivery of the goods, receiving the invoice, and restock goods on the display. In general, they will serve customers. In this position, a clerk will be paid $ 13.00 or $ 14.00 per hour.

Another position is management. Prospective employees must be highly motivated, have skills in leadership, able to work as a supervisor, and manager. In this position, they will have a full-time work schedule up to 40 hours of work per week. A supervisor at the Safeway Canada can work part-time depending on the needs of the recruitment. The duties that will be given are interviewing employees, managing employees, organize work schedules, observing sales, store policies, and able to communicate verbally. A manager will earn $ 25,000 to $ 30,000 per year, assistant manager will be paid $ 45,000 and $ 55,000 in annual salary, and $ 80,000 per year for store manager.

The Advantages of Working at Safeway Canada

Working at Safeway Canada, the employees will get some advantages such as salary, career development, educational programs, and other training. Another advantage is financial planning assistance and some insurance options. For qualified employees will enjoy dental health facilities, free prescription medicine, and life insurance. Safeway Canada will also give awards to employees who excel as well as get incentive bonuses, salary pensions, and discounts.

Minimum age to work at Safeway Canada: 14

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