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Safeway-ApplicationThere are plenty of grocery stores chains you can find when you are at the United States, and apparently Safeway Inc. became one name to be considered. This name is one of leading in the field of grocery stores. This grocery store was firstly founded in 1915. Safeway had survived the Great Depression, and now they expanded. Safeway owns Genuardi’s, Carr’s, Tom Thumb, and Randall’s. This article will be showing how to apply for ay positions available at Safeway. If you are interested in making career in the field of grocery retail industry, you have to read this. Started with a brief history of the company, we must continue to elaborate a little more about the background of the company. The company operates one of the largest grocery stores that offer pharmacies, photograph developing services, deli sections, butchers, seafood departments, dairy products, and dry goods. For customers, there are various club rewards, as well as coupons from different sources. We have said that they expanded, and now Safeway operates stores in several countries outside the United States, including Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, West Germany, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada. The company opened its stocks to public, and you can it has listed under the symbol of SWY on the New York Stock Exchange.

What are positions available at Safeway? Well, basically there are two positions: 1) entry level positions, and 2) management positions. We will be showing further explanation for each position available at Safeway.

1) Entry-Level Positions
Safeway is gradually recruited entry-level workers to fill several positions such as cashier and stock associate. Both are required workers with a minimum age of 16 years. Cashier duties include checking costumer ID, handling money, and operating registers. Meanwhile, stock associate often work in various departments. Their duties include finishing, cleaning, checking expiration dates, and rotating products. Minimum wage applies for those interested in applying entry-level positions.

2) Management positions
There are various positions offered by Safeway, including shift lead jobs, department supervisor, assistant store manager, and store manager. Managers duties include oversee operations, hire new employees, train associates, and schedule workers. Maximum wage applies, from $75,000 and $25,000 per year, depending on employee’s experience and job title.

3) Additional positions
Safeway may need workers to fill several positions, including produce clerk, seafood wrapper, pharmacist, pharmacy technician, meat cutter, cake decorator, bakery clerk, deli clerk, and many more. Corporate offices of company also need those who have skill to fill several another positions, including customer service associates, administrative assistants, and more.

Safeway doesn’t provide printable job application, so if you are among those people who are interested in working at Safeway – and you are desperately wants to work at Safeway – you must come visiting their website in order to apply for any positions offered. Go to Safeway’s website and click on drop down menu reads “apply now”. Once you clicked at any position you desires, you will be taken to a page where you need to fill out an online form with required fields. You have to login first before you proceed with next steps on applying for a job at Safeway.

Click here or here to apply online at Safeway careers.

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