Sample Database Administrator Cover Letter

As a database administrator, a person has the following tasks:

1) define the database structure patterns,

2) Defining the storage structures and access methods,

3) able to organize and modify physical data,

4) gives power to the user to access the data,

5) make the specification of data integrity.

We are talking about a job here, which in essence related with how a person manages the entire data that is stored in a computer. The data might owned by organizations or company, and they can be used for specific purposes (i.e. to make a decision based on collection of data).

So in essence, a person who is charged into which s/he took such a position like database administrator will be likely meeting with a heavy administrator. It means that s/he must be able to organize data with proper method, and then distribute them in accordance with applicable regulations in an organization. Those who would like to apply such a position like database administrator should be able to show some qualification that fit into what have been required by the employer. Let us have a check on the following sample, which is going to tell you about how a candidate of database administrator should represents himself that he is the right person to fill in such position.

Joni Tango
208 Any Road, X Town, XX2 8YH

Mr. Michael Hardwood
21st Company
Yellow Street
Blue Town

September 6, 2013

Dear Mr. Hardwood

I first read job advertisements in Jojo Post which says that you need a qualified person to fill the position of Database Administrator. I was challenged to meet these qualifications.

I was someone who has experience in the areas of Database Administration, especially with regard to creating, amending, and improve the quality of the databases in an organization. I also have experience in the field of data input, data migration, and data backup. The experience gained by my work in an organization that is engaged in the administration of the data relating to the world of art. I believe it can meet the qualifications you want, because I have very good skills in the use of the latest technology and software for data management.

In the past, I have helped the arts organizations to solve various problems associated with data storage. And I was able to give suggestions to my supervisor a number of ways and methods of manipulation and processing of the information contained in the specific data.

I believe that I am able to work as well as I had done with the previous organization. And I am very interested in the position you offer in your enterprises. I waited for the opportunity to speak with you directly regarding all matters related to my ability as a database administrator. Through this letter I left personal curriculum vitae, complete with my personal contact channels. Hopefully I can hear good news from you.

Thank you very much for your free time examining this application.

With regards and respect,
Joni Tango

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