Sample Intent Letter for Teacher

While the good resume can be the effective thing to highlight the professional and educational experience of the job seeker, the good letter of intent or the cover letter will allow them to really shine.

This kind of thing is able to afford their ability to describe themselves to potential employers in their own words, linking the uniqueness of their experience with the specific job. When making the intent letter for the teacher, there are a few key points that the applicant should be sure to illustrate.

The first one is the educational experience. A thing called education is the most important to an educator. When making the intent letter for teacher, the applicant should include not just information related to the educational background, but how it specifically relates to the role that they are applying. For instance, if they are looking for a job as a math teacher at the art school they should include the sentence related to their love of and experience in the fine or performing arts.

The second one is to research the school. Usually, some people are impressed when a stranger has the interest in their accomplishment. Every employer is same. By doing a little research, the applicant is able to learn the information about the institution to which they are applying. By mentioning this kind of thing in the intent letter, they show that they are interested enough in the position to take the time to learn more about the school and what it does.

The third one is to support the statements with facts. In order to write in generalities may be tempting. However, it is important that all claims can be supported with the clear examples. Saying they will “go extra mile” to train the students is not necessary that explaining that in the last job they made themselves available to students for the additional six hours each week after class. Please take a note that all general statements should be supported with the verifiable facts.

The fourth one is to mention the additional materials. If you are showing the other materials that can showcase your abilities, such as the copy of the article you wrote or the video of you when joining a special program, mention that all of them are available if they are interested. Aside from that, you are also able to include them with your resume and the cover letter. By doing this method, there is a high possibility for you to stand out from the sea of resumes.

The last one is to ask for the interview. One of the biggest mistakes that the applicant done is not to ask for the interview. First of all, the main goal of the document is to get the applicant meets with the potential employer. Without coming across as pushing, the simple written interview request might be able to make the thing happens. For instance, you can mention that you welcome the chance to discuss the opportunity in person. 

Sample Intent Letter for Teacher | Nina Spencer | 4.5