Sample Letter of Intent for School Admission

A lot of graduate schools do ask for a school letter of intent when it comes to admissions in grad schools. In that letter, you will state your reasons why you want to join the grad school. In this letter, you will also need to explain what you will achieve with the proposed course in the grad school or how it will help in your career.

It is important for you to know that this letter of intent is a vital document when the letter comes to screening your admission application. In the first paragraph, the program that you have applied to have to be mentioned. Also, you need to give the reason why you have chosen this specific program and also this college for a bachelor’s degree. You have to make sure that you capture the attention of the reader in the very beginning of the letter since the reader has to go through a lot of letters to shortlist students who will make it into the school.

Note that your letter will not be taken if you keep beating around the bush. In the next paragraph, it means that in the body paragraph, you are able to talk about your school performance, how you developed interest in the field you are applying for, and how you intend to go about reaching the goal that you have set for yourself by being a part of this program. You also have to mention your academic achievements. You also have to mention if you have had any work experience, strengths such as abilities, skills and aptitude.

Then, make a mention of the extracurricular activities that you have joined in while in school. If you have a weakness, do tell it honestly. Make it sound like a positive. In the closing paragraph, you need to reiterate in very specific terms why you want to be a part of that specific program and how the program will help you reach the academic goals that you have laid for yourself. You need to conclude it by telling them why you think that you should be a part of the school and how the school will benefit by giving you admission.

When you create a letter of intent for your school admission, make a rough layout and format of your letter can be a good idea. It can be done before you actually write it so that it will give your letter a defined structure. Then, in the letter, you should be direct. As mentioned above that beating around the bush is unacceptable. At the beginning, you need to make your point right.

In the letter, you have to state all the details crisply, but not in a manner that makes you sound arrogant. Also, it is better if you proofread your letter and edit it as many times as possible so that only the most relevant details are included in your letter. At the end, you need to ensure that it is a great letter of intent by imagining that you are admissions panel and see how you would perceive the writer of the letter.

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