Sample Letter of Recommendation for Educator

Do you have a task to recommend someone for being an educator at certain institution? Well, making the recommendation letter for an educator is not easy. You have to be careful for explaining someone who deserves for it. So, when you are asked to make that letter, there is no choice for you besides using your best words.

Well, talking about educator recommendation letter, actually this article is going to discuss about it. If you want to know about how to make a good recommendation letter, you can keep reading here. You will get the sample letter of recommendation for educator below. Check it out!

For making that letter, you are required to explore someone’s ability on that letter. Knowing his or her skill in education is also required so much for you. Besides that, you also have to use glowing words to ensure the institution for taking him or her on that position.

You can explore his or her ability including her experience in education world. Then, you also can explain about his or her achievement during being a teacher at previous job. Besides that, you also have to give a reason why he or she should be recruited there.

Generally, recommended letter will be offered to them who concern about it. For example, you can offer it to the leader of the educational institution. But, if you have to give it to certain institution, you can address it properly. Well, here is sample letter of recommendation for educator for you.

To Whom It May Concern

Writing the recommendation letter is difficult something for me because I know there is little space for applying it. This letter is toward for Emma Dowell. She has worked at Curtin High School for 3 years. She also has got her turn to move forward at other institution. As her assignment supervisor, I can surely say that she has professional and best work.

Emma was the first leader of the teacher’s community at New York. Besides that, she was the first member who joined the teacher training at Curtin High School. During being a leader, she had best team work and it proofs that she is deserved to get high position of education world.

Besides being a leader, she was also the best mentor. She can organize and teach the student by her creative way. She is also able to explore her teaching method and it makes her being a favorite teacher at school.

Well actually, it was sad moment for me when knowing she has to leave this school. I love for having work with her. She is the best educator who I ever met. But, I also always hope for her best future.

I can be contacted at (888)88888 if you want further information.

Best Regards

Emily Masters
Curtin High School
35 Rose Street

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