Sample Letter of Recommendation for Legal Intern

Professors of law students usually requests for recommendation letter as the proof of their students work and as the evaluation during their work as well. The recommendation letter is usually written by a supervisor or any position which has the same level like principle attorney. If you are now in need of sample letter of recommendation for legal intern, below is one good sample for your guidance. Since you are the supervisor, make sure you write the honest letter. But remember, even though the student might once do bad thing, keep that in your thought. Recommendation letter must only contain positive things.

March 23, 2015

To Whom It May Concern

I am Grace Law and I am the principle attorney who was the supervisor of a law student names Greek Myth. In this letter I would like to say all my observation and supervision toward Myth’s performance during his working with me. I am completely satisfied with how he worked from his very first day until his last day in my law office. And, I am not the only one who feels that. My partners see and feel the same thing toward Myth. He is an intelligent student who is apparently talented and having strong commitment to anything he does.

I was surprised on his first day; he did a very good job on the filing. I only a few instructions and he did his job like he had been there for a long time. The result was compact and what more amazing was he knew much about how to file effectively and efficiently. One more thing that made me like him more, he was always on time since the first day. That becomes one more plus to him.

When he had to work on team, he knew how to communicate and work as a team. He showed good manners toward all of my colleges and most of the time, he showed his best results when I ordered him to do some duties on dealing with witnesses. One of my clients who happened to meet Myth said that this young man has great character that can influence people and his surroundings. Maybe in the future, I would love to have Greek Myth to work in my law office with some more considerations. I wish him a good luck in his law degree.


Grace Law
Principle Attorney
Attorney’s Grace
555 Image Street
Lost Angel, US 55577

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