Sample of Application Letter as a Clerk

Job description of clerk

Are you interested to apply for a clerk? It is better to know what a clerk is. An office clerk or an administrative clerk carries out basic office tasks. Depending on the company, the tasks may be a little bit different. In a small office, a clerk performs general tasks like answering phones, entering data, answering emails, and the like. In a larger company, the tasks can be more specialized. In order to be eligible to apply for this position, you should at least graduate from diploma degree.

How to Write the Application Letter

If you have not written an application letter before, it is recommended to find a sample of application letter as a clerk. There are a lot of different samples you can browse from the internet. Choose the one that is simple and easy to read but cover all information that the employer should know. As any other letter, an open salutation is always used to start the letter. Paragraph one is to tell the employer where you get the information about the job vacancy. You may get it from newspaper, online job openings, brochure, from friends, radio advertisement, and the like. Give the details. For example, if you get the information from newspaper advertisement, write down the name of the newspaper and the date of publication. If you get from the website, write down the name of site and the date you access it. Give a brief description about the advertisement of the job openings by writing the position of the job. Highlight your interest toward the job.

Paragraph two is to tell your qualification primarily your education background like where you graduate from and your achievement on the campus. Paragraph three, meanwhile, focuses on your ability related to clerk position. Mention all experiences and all that you can do that can support your ability as a clerk. For example, you can tell your experience that you have ever worked as a typist-clerk and how much you enjoyed it. As clerk has something to do with performing general office duties, emphasize on that. There is no need to mention all of your abilities. Focus only on those which have something to do with the position you apply that is clerk. To help you, just refer to the qualification or requirement written on the job description. The next paragraph is about your personalities and some additional information. For instance, tell the employer, that you can work well with team, and work with deadline. The last paragraph is to let the employer knows that you hope to get a favorable response.

Tips to write the application

There are some tips that may be useful for clerk position applicants. The first one is to keep your application simple, short, but informative. It is not a story telling so you do need to tell everything about yourself. Use a formal language. In an application letter, it means you speak to your future employer so that you should avoid any slang or other informal and inappropriate language.

Sample Clerk Cover Letter Print Out in PDF

There are 6 samples you can download in one PDF file that consist of Administrative Clerk, Accounting Clerk and Bank Clerk.


Sample of Application Letter as a Clerk

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