Sample Resume for Cleaner Position

Many people may underestimate cleaning job but if you can join a big cleaning company and become a professional cleaner, you can expect a better income, especially if the cleaning jobs are involving luxurious homes and buildings of very important people. The payment will be sufficient for you to get a better life and some companies even offer benefits for their professional cleaners.

However, it is never easy to join the company. So many people are pursuing the same position that the competition could be ruthless. Yet, the most important thing is the employer has a high standard for everybody who wants to join the company. Cleaning skills are the most important but you also need to have knowledge in standard of cleanliness, knowledge in safety policies, ability to use various cleaning equipment, ability to apply cleaning solutions, ability to work in a team, good manner, good time management, and more requirements that may be so hard to fulfill. To join the company, you need to prove your qualifications right in front of the recruiters. However, before you can meet them in an interview, you need to pass the resume screening.

Before they call a candidate for an interview, the recruiters will evaluate the resume to screen eligible candidates who can move to the next process. Resume is very crucial in every employment process because it can decide your future. Although you have incredible skills and exceptional knowledge in professional cleaning field, if you cannot convince the recruiter in written document, the door to enter the company will be closed for you. Therefore, you need to pay attention to everything you write in your resume.

First, you need to write your personal information correctly such as address and telephone number, including your contacts. This could be simple but if you make mistake and they cannot reach you, you will not get the job. Then, you need to focus on convincing the recruiters about your qualifications. You must highlight your skills, abilities, and anything that make you high quality cleaner. Your experience is the next important thing. Detail in everything you do as cleaner will show the recruiter what you can do for real. Cleaning job does not need a high education level but if you are well educated, it will add your point. Do not forget to write your references so they know what they can expect from you.

If you need references, the sample below will help you in writing your resume.

Georgio Feta
111, A Street, B Avenue
Manhattan, NY-10016
(222) 333-7890

Career Objective: To obtain professional cleaner position at XYZ company

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Hardworking, dedicated, and professional in performing duties as professional cleaner
  • Deep knowledge about standards of cleanliness
  • Deep knowledge and skills to handle various tools and equipment both manual and automatics
  • Deep knowledge and skills to choose and apply cleaning solutions rightly
  • Ability to observe cleaning area to the detail
  • Good manner
  • Good time management
  • Flexible working hours
  • Ability to understand written and oral direction from cleaning administration and follow the direction carefully

Employment Experience:
CleanCompany, Manhattan, NY (2012-Present) Commercial Cleaner

  • Clean rooms, stairways, corridors, restrooms, storage areas, garages, swimming pool areas, riveways, furniture, carpets, draperies, electronics, equipment, and accessories
  • Dusting, sweeping, using broom, moping, buffing, using vacuum cleaner, scrubbing, waxing, polishing, and sanitizing
  • Empty and clean waste containers and dispose the waste
  • Refill supplies
  • Coordinate with team mates

Academic education:

High School Diploma – 2011
Available on request

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